Kaitlynn Carter Makes Surprising Relationship Revelation While Giving Break Up Advice

Kaitlynn Carter is having a bad year. Romantically speaking, at least, things don’t seem to be going well for her. She’s had two breakups.

First, she split from longtime boyfriend Brody Jenner. Then she and Miley Cyrus had a summer fling, which  ended in heartbreak for Carter.

But she’s learned a lot, and she’s ready to share her knowledge with fans. On a recent plane trip, Carter posted her rules for getting through a breakup.

What is Kaitlynn Carter’s post-breakup advice?

Kaitlynn Carter attends the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards.
Kaitlynn Carter | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MTV

Carter actually has a lot of breakup advice. It makes sense, considering her recent string of heartbreak. She recommends using music and venting to friends as a way to keep your mind off of a recently ended relationship.

While venting to friends is a good idea, make sure they’re real-life friends. No one wants to hear you vent on social media, which is something Carter understands.

She advises her fans to “resist posting emotional stuff (memes, quotes, pics, etc) to social media.” That’s good advice, as is this:

Exercise and meditation and compassion…it’s hard to be angry when you empathize with someone. This has served me well in friendships and business too.

Aside from meditation, Carter says that getting creative has really helped her keep her head on straight during this difficult time in her life. Her creative outlet is writing, but any kind of creativity should do the trick.

According to Carter, instead of “trying” to feel better, it’s easier to just lean into your support system and wait for better days to come. The effort just isn’t worth it if you’re not ready to be over the relationship.

Carter had one rule for dealing with breakups that caught our attention:

Not trying to date…I know that dating before I’m ready would’ve made things so much worse ’cause I would’ve just been trying to replace someone else and ended up disappointed.

Was this a comment on her relationship with Cyrus?

Kaitlynn Carter didn’t seem to follow some of her rules

One of Carter’s rules for breaking up is to not try and date, yet that’s exactly what she did after her breakup with Jenner. A short time after they announced their split, Carter went on an Italian vacation with Cyrus.

Cyrus had also just split from her husband Liam Hemsworth. At some point on the trip things got romantic between Carter and Cyrus. The two made headlines when they were spotted kissing by the hotel pool.

Unfortunately, the relationship was just a rebound. Even though it seemed like Carter and Cyrus were getting serious, they split just a few months after getting together. Maybe that’s when Carter added the no dating after a relationship rule.

It’s not all bad for Kaitlynn Carter

Carter isn’t willing to write off her whole year. Despite her romantic struggles, she sees some positives.

She’s proud of her relationship with Jenner. Carter feels that even though they didn’t work out as a couple, the fact that they’ve remained close as friends is something to celebrate.

To those who ask about why she and Jenner didn’t work out, Carter says: “Honestly, I’d say things DID work out with us. Not romantically, but we are better friends now than ever and if there’s one thing I feel super proud of lately, it’s how we handled our split. So grateful for him and his unconditional support.”

Considering Carter has such a positive attitude, we’re sure things will be looking up for her soon. Even though things aren’t going well for her romantically, she’s using these experiences to grow. Hopefully, 2020 will be her year for love.