Kanye West is on the Ballot in Oklahoma Despite Rumors His Campaign Has Ended

Every day, the news seems to get more and more interesting, with all kinds of rumors and controversies running rampant. However, one particular story has risen to the forefront over the past several weeks. Kanye West’s presidential campaign has drawn criticism and caused great uncertainty, but the rapper seems intent on making his way to the White House in 2021. Recent reports claim that not only has West managed to file some necessary paperwork but that he is taking the steps to ensure that he is taken seriously in the campaign.

Kanye West smiling looking away from the camera wearing a red hat that says 'Make America Great Again'
Kanye West | Saul Loeb/Getty Images

Kanye West’s controversial presidential bid

Kanye West is no stranger to making unusual announcements on social media. However, he managed to top even himself on July 4th, when he posted on Twitter: “We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States.” The reaction to his announcement was one of amazement, disbelief, and, for many, confusion.

West had been threatening to run for president for years, although many thought that he would start his campaign until the 2024 election. In the wake of West’s announcement, many slammed the rapper, stating that he was only running as a distraction, in order to keep people from voting for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden. After all, West was a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, and had been seen on many occasions wearing the controversial “Make America Great Again” hat. With his campaign announcement, and the bizarre Forbes interview that he did only days after, West effectively ended his association with the Trump campaign. 

Critics thought that Kanye West’s campaign ended

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In the days following West’s announcement, many weren’t sure whether to take it seriously. There was some confusion about the legitimacy of West’s campaign after reports surfaced that West had failed to file any of the required paperwork to run for the presidential office. In fact, West reportedly failed to file any paperwork with the Federal Election Committee.

It seemed for a little while that West had perhaps abandoned the idea, or only announced it in the first place as a spur of the moment decision. Still, the past several days have proven that not only is West very serious about his presidential run, but that he has plans in place to take the campaign trail by storm. 

Kanye West is officially on the Oklahoma ballot

On July 16th, reports surfaced that Kanye West filed the necessary paperwork in Oklahoma to be considered as a candidate on the ballot, according to XXL. He waited until the deadline date of July 15th to file, but made it just the same. The same report also claims that he just filed with the Federal Election Committee as an Independent candidate and that he is working on getting his name on other state ballots. West has missed the deadline for states such as Texas and New Mexico — however, West has a backup plan. He admitted in a previous interview that he still plans on getting on those state ballots and that he will use the coronavirus pandemic as a loophole in order to get his name listed.

Just how far Kanye West will make it down the campaign trail remains to be seen. At this point, he has raised more than five thousand dollars in campaign funds, reports Fox News, and has the support of powerhouses like Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian West. There’s no way to predict whether the rapper will end up on the debate stage, but the idea is certainly intriguing.