Kanye West Reveals Why Going to the Hospital Was a Great Thing for Him

Kanye West is many things, but never boring. The famous rapper has entered an all-new phase of his career, characterized by a newfound religious zeal and a desire to proclaim his love of God wherever he goes.

West has a new album, titled Jesus is King, and a very popular gig in his ongoing Sunday Service gatherings. He’s also seemingly coping with his mental health struggles better than he has in previous years.

In a recent interview, West opened up about his faith, his mental health issues, and how spending time in the hospital was the best thing that could have happened to him. 

When did Kanye West get hospitalized?

Kanye West performs onstage at the Power 106 Powerhouse show at Honda Center.
Kanye West | Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic

For years, people suspected that West was suffering from some sort of mental health issue, although it wasn’t directly confirmed. The rapper experienced episodes where he seemed to go off the rails, ranting at anyone who happened to be in his way — such as the infamous Taylor Swift scene-stealing incident.

Still, it wasn’t until 2016 when West’s mental health really caught up with him. In November 2016, West was on tour when reports revealed that West had been hospitalized following “erratic behavior.” Sources stated West was suffering from extreme exhaustion and sleep deprivation. The remainder of his tour was unceremoniously canceled.

As time went on, more information began to surface about what exactly had caused West’s breakdown. Reports stated that he was having violent outbursts, trouble identifying what was real and what was not, and that he had become “impossible” to live with. West spent his time in the hospital resting and recuperating — although he supposedly worked on fashion sketches during his time in treatment.

Why does Kanye West believe that hospitalization was good for him?

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While fans were left confused by the incident, it turns out that the hospitalization couldn’t have happened at a better time for West. In his revealing interview with Zane Lowe, West talked about how being confined in the hospital meant that he had more free time on his hands. He used his recovery time to read the bible and sketch out bible verses, really pondering the meaning of the words.

He also stated that the hospitalization could have inadvertently saved his life, since, with the mental health episode that he was having, some really bad things could have happened. Following his hospitalization, West was released to go home to his family, but his life would never quite be the same.

Kanye West is more religious now

Clearly, his time reading the bible made a profound impact on West. In 2019, West launched a phenomenon called Sunday Service, a gathering of close family friends and Kardashian family insiders.

During the service, West performs gospel-type songs and interacts with the crowd. Initially, the Sunday Service was only held in the West family’s Calabasas neighborhood. But now, West occasionally takes the show on the road and has held Sunday Service in Chicago as well as Wyoming, one of the family’s new homes.

West is open about his devotion to God and Jesus Christ and is channeling his newfound religious zeal into his music. While many critics have wondered openly how much of it is genuine and whether or not he is preparing to start his own church, West insists that it is very real – and states that he is working on another album in a similar vein to Jesus is King, titled Jesus is Born

Only time will tell if this path that West is currently on is one that he will stick with. But, for now, the rapper seems to have found his niche.