Kanye West’s Weird Obsessions Include Multiple Fast Food Chains

For most people, fast-food is something we enjoy, but also something we’re a little embarrassed about because it’s so unhealthy. However, Kanye West isn’t one of those people. He’s happy to shout about his love of fast-food to the world.

Over and over again, he’s proved that he’s not ashamed to enjoy a greasy burger and fries. In fact, you might be surprised by all the ways that West has proved his love of fast-food. 

Kanye West isn’t shy about his love of fast food

Kanye west kim kardashian on the red carpet
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West | Taylor Hill/WireImage

When it comes to fast food, West doesn’t mind letting the world know about his obsession. In 2018, he tweeted, “McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant.”

Considering his 29.4 million followers, we’re sure the burger chain was as excited about the free marketing as West was about their fries.

And West really likes their fries, as he proved in 2016 when he wrote a poem for Frank Ocean’s album release called “The McDonald’s Man.” The poem appeared in a glossy magazine that accompanied the album Blonde.

“The french fries had a plan,” the poem reads in part. “…The salad bar and the ketchup made a band. Cuz the french fries had a plan.”

But inserting his love for fast-food into his work isn’t anything new for West. He’s been known to name-drop restaurants in his music. For his 2005 track Gone, West name-dropped Ruby Tuesdays, Fridays, and included Burger King’s slogan. “I took her to Ruby Tuesdays,” the song lyrics read. “If we up in Fridays, I’d still have it my way.” The same song also references Taco Bell in another part. 

Recently, West name-dropped Chick-Fil-A in his song Closed on Sunday, which references the fact that the restaurant is “closed on Sunday.” The lyrics say, “Closed on Sunday, you my Chick-fil-A.”

Kanye West is a fast-food entrepreneur 

West doesn’t just eat and rap about fast-food, he’s also in the restaurant business. Surprisingly, he doesn’t own any of his favorite McDonald’s, but he did open 10 Fatburger franchises in the Chicago area. Unfortunately, by 2011, they closed their doors. But West didn’t lose his love for restaurant ownership. 

After their wedding in 2014, West gave his new wife, Kim Kardashian the rights of ownership for 10 Burger King franchises in Europe. The stores never came to fruition, but it does show how committed both West and Kardashian are to fast-food.

They can often be seen chowing down on the greasy burgers during their reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Especially during earlier episodes, before the couple began to embrace healthy eating on a regular basis. 

Kanye West is often photographed at fast-food restaurants

Some of us take our burgers home to eat in private, but not West. He’s not embarrassed at all to enjoy some fast food, and Hollywood photographers love to catch him in the act.

According to GQ, West has been caught at almost every chain there is, and he’s often accompanied by his wife. For example, their car was caught going through the drive-through at Taco Bell and McDonald’s, among others. 

However, lately, West may be left to enjoy burgers by himself. Earlier this year, Kardashian became a vegan. While some franchises do offer a vegetarian or vegan option, such as Burger King’s Impossible Burger, it does make it much harder to eat fast food.

West may have to enjoy his greasy food without his wife in the future.

Since Kardashian has changed her eating habits, she’s much more focused on healthy foods. Does this mean West will be eating less fast-food all together? Will his love for the burger disappear?

While all we can do is wait to find out if that happens, West is a strong-willed person. Something tells us that nothing could change his fast-food loving ways.