The Kardashian-Jenner Family Has These Halloween Costumes To Live Up To In 2019

Halloween is almost here. We’ve already seen some great costumes, but we’re still waiting for some from the family that always delivers: The Kardashian-Jenner crew. While we wait, here’s a look back at the old hits they’ll be working to top in 2019.

Kris Jenner

When it comes to the matriarch of the family, her focus is often on her kids (and, now, her grandkids). So she doesn’t often share her own images of herself dressed up for Halloween, instead choosing to share throwbacks of those she loves. However, she’s made exceptions occasionally, like last years’ elaborate Cleopatra costume.

But we’d have to say our favorite Kris get up isn’t from Halloween at all. Instead, it’s from the time when she donned full makeup and a mime costume. She stayed silent for what appears to be quite some time, all while spending time with Khloé. It’s a pretty epic look for her.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney, the eldest of the Kardashian daughters, has had plenty of incredible costumes over the years. Oftentimes, she even plans a coordinating one with her kids, like the time they were all Power Rangers (which was the runner-up to the above costume).

However, her best look for all has to be when she was Ariana Grande last year. Kourtney nailed the singer’s signature hai, babydoll press, and thigh-high boots. She even captioned the photo “God is a woman” (the title of one of Grande’s songs). The Grammy-winner, in turn, loved Kourtney’s costume.

Kim Kardashian

Kim being Kim, she pretty much always goes with something generic that can be made sexy. She’s been sexy Little Red Riding Hood, a sexy skeleton, a sexy pirate, numerous lycra-clad DC characters, and even a Victoria’s Secret Angel last year. That’s her just her brand.

So it’s been interesting to see when she tries out something unique. It was actually her mom, Kris Jenner, who shared this throwback photo in 2016, of Kim dressed as Anna Wintour. Given that North West looks to be less than two years old, we’d guess this photo is from Halloween 2014.

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian on 'The View'
Khloé Kardashian on ‘The View’ | Steve Fenn/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Like her older sisters, Khloé is all about that sexy costume. But she has a tendency to throw herself into things a bit more. Some of her runner-ups were a Storm (the X-Men character) look from 2015, and her 2017 Game of Thrones-inspired couple’s costume with Tristan Thompson (back before all their drama).

But when we came across this look, we knew it was the winner. Dating back to 2009 (!!), Khloé once modeled this Octomom costume on The View. In case your pop culture knowledge doesn’t extend back that far, 2009 is the year that Nadya Suleman, nicknamed Octomom, famously gave birth to octuplets,

Kendall Jenner

Like Khloé, Kendall will sometimes go outside of the usual fare with her costume. In the past, she has been Mario of Mario and Luigi (alongside model pal Cara Delevigne), a witch, a cat, and even a Fembot from Austin Powers. But this was likely her most creative costume ever.

Kendall dressed up as fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld way back in 2015. This is a bit difficult to tell from the back, but it’s her white wig and bowtie that really sells it. Sadly, Lagerfeld passed away earlier this year. We wonder if Kendall will consider bringing this one back in honor of the late icon at some point.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is a bit more like Kim, in that she’s pretty much bound to make any costume she chooses into an elaborate, skimpy look. Her 2015 warrior princess (with accompanying ninjas) is a pretty good one, as is her 2016 Christina Aguilera in the “Dirrty” music video costume.

But last year she took things to another level, where it was all about the presentation. Kylie got glossed up and posed as a Barbie Doll in a box. The outfit itself isn’t really what matters here, it’s that her proportions are so close to that of a plastic doll, and she knows it.