Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson: What Comes After the Public Makeout Stage?

When Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson got together the world pretty much exploded. People just couldn’t believe it! While they were adorable together, there was just something different about the Hollywood duo. With time people came to love the couple and appreciate their whirlwind romance. Sadly, things came to a close almost as quickly as they started, a move that left Davidson heartbroken.

Thankfully, not long after the breakup, he crossed paths with stunning Underworld actress Kate Beckinsale. The two rubbed shoulders at the Golden Globes after-party earlier this year. Despite all the flirting, many thought the pair were just enjoying themselves casually. Well, it’s been three months since then and they have definitely turned things up a notch!

Davidson and Beckinsale caught on the ‘Kiss-Cam’

The SNL comedian and bombshell actress have been spotted holding hands numerous times. They’ve also been seen gallivanting around numerous cities and enjoying each other’s company. The PDA was innocent enough, something onlookers “awed” at. Then in a surprising turn around, a picture, literally seen around the world, surfaced of the two kissing. 

While attending a Rangers game, a watchful photographer immortalized the idyllic moment for all to see. It isn’t a small kiss either! There is clearly tongue involved, just the type of scandalous action that lends itself to a whirlwind romance brimming with steamy scenes behind closed doors! But now that the two are comfortable enough to make out in public, what’s next?

Both parties aren’t afraid to defend their relationship

Pictures are swirling around the Internet, and even without them, gossipy tabloids have made quite the spectacle of the age-gap couple. Fans have also taken it upon themselves to share their opinions on the union. While warm wishes are always welcome, hate is never tolerated. Before the pair even laid lips on each other, Beckinsale showed she was fierce when it came to defending Davidson and their relationship

This could be considered a stage that comes both before and after the PDA stage. For a relationship to work, it’s important for neither party to be afraid to speak up for their romance. So while Beckinsale flexed her comeback muscles on Instagram, Davidson also took some time to address some of the buzz surrounding their relationship on SNL!

Meeting the parents

It’s one thing to share affection behind closed doors, and even outside in public space. It’s another thing to bring a guy or girl home to your parents. This is a move that Beckinsale pulled only a few weeks after their hockey PDA session. As the actress’ father passed many years ago, Davidson was only able to meet her mother and stepfather.

The date was also of great significance! Instead of bringing home her new boyfriend on any old day, she brought him home on the anniversary of Richard Beckinsale’s passing. The comedian could offer a few laughs to brighten the mode and lend a shoulder to the stunning actress if she needed. Clearly, the two are in a real romance

Beckinsale and Davidson: Five stages of relationships breakdown

When you look at romantic relationships, they typically occur in five stages. The first stage, the one that the controversial pair is in, is attraction and romance. This is the time where everything is hidden behind rose-tinted glasses. The honeymoon phase is full of embracing similarities, together time, and avoiding conflict as much as possible.

After the “fantasy phase” lapses, reality begins to set in. This is a slow process where flaws in your partner begin to poke through. It appears that Beckinsale and Davidson are still walking on cloud nine so it’s unlikely this process has begun. Since the pair present a big age difference, that may cause a bit of distress in the future. There have been plenty of successful age-gap couples, and these two don’t seem to mind, but time will tell if it creates any tension!

Stage three is disappointment as a result of the rose-tinted glasses fading. Strong communication and trust are what’s needed to make it past a rough stage rife with trivial arguments. Most couples dissolve here, but if Davidson and Beckinsale can pull through, they will hit the stable stage and lastly the commitment stage.

No one knows where this relationship is going yet, but with Beckinsale having a wisdom that comes with age, and Davidson being no stranger to relationships, perhaps the two will make it through the eye of the storm and come out on the other side unscathed.