Kate Beckinsale Claps Back at Ageist Who Says She’s ‘Too Old’ for a Bikini

46-year-old actress, Kate Beckinsale is truly proving that age is nothing but a number. The Pearl Harbor star recently came under attack when she posted photos from a relaxing trip to Mexico to her Instagram page. Throughout the trip, Beckinsale spent lots of time on the beach and thus she dressed appropriately for the occasion. She shared five photos of herself donning beach attire with her 3.6 million followers; but unfortunately, some people managed to take offense to her outfit.

Kate Beckinsale defends age on Instagram
Kate Beckinsale | Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

In one of the photos, Beckinsale is posing in front of trees wearing a bikini. The famous actress chose to pair a strapless, leopard print, ruched, bikini top with white bikini bottoms, dark sunglasses, and wedge sandals for a beach photoshoot. “What makes us human? Having to confront our own mortality, questioning our origins through philosophy, religion, and science. And the fact that if we wear white bikini bottoms we will, within the hour, sit on a choc ice,” Beckinsale joked, alluding to the fact that she managed to ruin her bikini bottoms by sitting in something brown.

Kate Beckinsale receives hate for a bikini picture on Instagram

What was seemingly a harmless photo somehow managed to draw the attention of trolls. One comment that managed to catch Beckinsale’s eye was one that implied that her outfit was not age-appropriate. “She’s too old..looking for attention hahahaa!!” one person felt the need to comment on the photo. Rather than fight fire with fire, Beckinsale instead chose to put the person in their place in the classiest way possible.

First, Beckinsale expressed her belief that the person who left the hateful comment only did so out of fear of their own age increasing. “Are you aware that when you get the urge to accuse someone of something, especially someone you don’t know, or attribute an intention without ever having met the person, that the only thing really being achieved is revealing something about yourself or something you fear about yourself?” the 46-year old began.

Beckinsale proves age is nothing but a number

The actress then expressed that age had no bearing on a person’s value and what they can bring to the table. “I don’t know you and I don’t know who has made you feel that if you get older you have no value, can’t be attractive or sexy or have a relationship with your body that isn’t only self-loathing, but as one female to another, don’t let any of that noise bother you. You’ll feel more powerful, may well physically blossom, know who you are and what you want and get good at setting healthier boundaries,” Beckinsale wrote.

Beckinsale also shared that the ageist comment likely came from a place of fear. “If you’re young and fearing getting older, don’t. It’s not at all how people scare you it will be especially for a woman. You’ll come into your own power in a way that feels steady and so many more things will feel possible. People have all sorts of things going on that they put a brave face on and you’d never know,” the Underworld actress added.

Let women wear what they want in 2019 and beyond

Finally, Beckinsale sent the person well-wishes. “Sending love and the real hope you receive this message in the spirit that it’s meant. I know you have more to offer than leaving mean comments that illuminate far more about you than they do about the people you choose to comment on. Sending love x,” she concluded. It’s wonderful that Beckinsale took the time to defend herself while also sharing a kind message. Age should never permit someone from wearing and doing things that make them feel their absolute best and we hope Beckinsale’s message eventually resonates with those who feel otherwise.