Kate Chastain from ‘Below Deck’ Reveals She ‘Was’ Friends With Hannah Ferrier

Kate Chastain from Below Deck and Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean always seemed to share a playful and fun friendship.

The two chief stews have often bantered back and forth about sharing stew duties, plus the two have met up and snapped a cute picture or two together. Fans are here for this friendship and would love to see them collaborate someday.

Kate Chastain
Kate Chastain |Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

But when a Twitter follower asked Chastain about some “shade” she was throwing Ferrier’s way, Chastain’s reply took some followers by surprise. She wasn’t specific but made it clear that there is no love lost between the stews.

She said they are no longer friends

Cast members from both franchises like to comment and tweet during a current season. Chastain has made a number of observations on both social media and in live interviews about some of the drama on Below Deck Med. But during the Below Deck Med season finale, one fan asked why there was some shade for Ferrier coming from Chastain.

The fan wrote, “What is your problem with all the shade on @hannahferrier_ ? I thought you two were friends? You are great at what you do but absolutely no need for these passively aggressive nasty tweets.” The comment came after Chastain tweeted about how her mother used to have her family play the high low game. But ended the tweet with, “My mom also has amazing table settings.”

Chastain replied to the comment, “Unfortunately I don’t consider people who talk poorly about me behind my back to be a friend.” She didn’t go any further but left that comment like a mic drop.

She also recently dropped this hint about their friendship

Although this tweet came as a surprise, Chastain already dropped a hint that she and Ferrier were no longer friends. When she chatted with Danny Pellegrino on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino she made this curious remark when he asked her if she was watching Below Deck Med

She said while she pops in and out of watching the series, Pellegrino wanted to know how she would have handled the “Taco Bell” chef. She began her observation by saying that she made friendships with some of the Below Deck Med crew. “I was friends with Hannah for a bit,” she said. But continued with her assessment of how she would have handled the first chef. She didn’t comment further about how she used the past tense when referring to her friendship with Ferrier.

Chastain also stood by chef Ben Robinson and Captain Sandy Yawn’s assertion that Ferrier wasn’t stepping it up in her role. While the assessment wasn’t necessarily a dig at Ferrier, some followers took it that way. While Chastain continues to follow Ferrier on Instagram, Ferrier no longer follows Chastain.

Even though the friendship may have set sail, Chastain remains professional about their relationship. In a recent Bravo digital original, she pondered what it would be like to share chief stew duties. “I would like to work with Hannah because I wouldn’t mind splitting the responsibilities,” she said.