Kate Chastain From ‘Below Deck’ Shares How She Joined the Show (And Shades Adrienne Gang)

Chief stew Kate Chastain from Below Deck didn’t start on the show from season 1. Chastain took over the chief stew role after Adrienne Gang appeared in the position during the flagship season.

Although Gang was no longer on the show, she returned with a group of guests during season 2. Her return was met with collective eye-rolls from the crew as bosun Eddie Lucas literally walked back into the ocean upon seeing her on the beach. Gang also had an explosive fallout with stew Kat Held after being on the show. Plus, even though Chastain welcomed her onto the yacht for dinner, Gang received a relatively cool reception from her replacement.

 Kate Chastain, Eddie Lucas, Kelley Johnson, Ben Robinson, Kathleen Held, Logan Reese, Amy Johnson, Captain Lee Rosbach, Jennice Ontiveros
Kate Chastain, Eddie Lucas, Kelley Johnson, Ben Robinson, Kathleen Held, Logan Reese, Amy Johnson, Captain Lee Rosbach, Jennice Ontiveros |Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Chastain recently shared how she ended up being cast on the show. Plus, she didn’t hold back on sharing her opinions about Gang when she chatted with Taylor Strecker on her podcast, Taste of Taylor.

She immediately shades Gang

Strecker asks Chastain how she ended up on Below Deck. “I was working as a chief stew on a boat, same size,” she said. “The chief stew from season 1[Gang], she was really bad. She was bad at her job, she had wet hair on camera.” Chastain adds that even if you aren’t on camera, you still shouldn’t have wet hair in front of the guests (or at work in general).

“It was embarrassing to my friends and family members,” she continued. “I don’t want them to see this girl doing the job this way and think that’s what I do. Because she’s not displaying it great.” But then Chastain shares that Gang was also from Tampa, Florida. “I’m from the east coast of Florida, it’s a little different,” Chastain adds.

“So this first season chief stew was from Tampa and the chef on the yacht I was working on, Rachel, she was like, ‘I’m from Tampa, I hate that bitch!'” Chastain adds that the chef on her boat and Gang got into an altercation (very “Tampa-style”) too.

So she decided to ‘take her job’

When Chastain’s chef shared she didn’t like Gang, Chastain said, “Rachel don’t worry, I’m going to take her job.” She adds, “And I did!” So how did Chastain get on the show?

“They have casting agents, and there’s a book, ‘How to Become a Yachtie’ that I read to get into the industry,” Chastain said. “And the author had heard about this yachting reality show coming out and contacted me. And said, ‘I know you’re a yachtie, and I know you’re a good writer, so will you update my book for me because the show’s coming out?'”

Chastain shares because she got involved in the book update, she was in contact with the Below Deck production team. “And then they remembered me and were like, ‘By the way, would you like to audition?’ When that happened I was like, ‘It’s happening.'”

Although Chastain nailed the part, she wasn’t super confident when it came to shooting the first few moments of the show. She told Strecker she was actually close to having a panic attack. “I don’t have anxiety. I don’t get nervous about much, but my first time walking up on my first season, it was the closest to a panic attack I think I’ve ever had,” she said.