Kate Gosselin Posted That People Have Tried to ‘Destroy’ Her Twin Daughters

It’s been years since Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been on the air, but that doesn’t mean that Gosselins have been out of the spotlight. While Jon and Kate Gosselin’s messy divorce took over the media a decade ago, Jon has since decided to take a step away from television while Kate has not. Kate has starred in her own shows, like Kate Plus Date and Kate Plus 8, while Jon keeps up with social media and shares life with two of their eight kids, Hannah and Collin, who have chosen to live with him.

Aside from the two sextuplets who live with Jon, it appears the father of eight doesn’t see much of his other six children. And he also reportedly doesn’t speak to the older twins, Mady and Cara. Now, the twins are in college — and Kate just added an Instagram post that seemed to slam Jon and others who allegedly don’t support them. Here’s what she wrote.

Mady and Cara Gosselin are headed off to college

(L-R) Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin visit 'Extra'
(L-R) Cara Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, and Mady Gosselin visit ‘Extra’ | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

It’s hard to believe how fast the Gosselin kids have grown, but Mady and Cara are officially headed off to college. In Touch Weekly notes TLC hosted a “College Bound” special of Kate Plus 8 that showed the twins preparing to leave Kate and their siblings behind for bigger and better things. We know Mady and Cara were featured on Kate Plus Date and remain ultra-close with Kate, too, which makes sending them off to school even more difficult for the mom.

As for where they’re going, the twins are attending different schools in New York that are relatively close in proximity. “Their ambitions are so different that they really felt, there’s not one college that would fully answer what each of them wanted,” Kate told People.

And it seems Mady and Cara are hoping to blend in during their college experience more than stand out. As Mady told Kate Plus 8 cameras, “College feels like a place to blend in. I feel like we haven’t really had much of a chance to really really blend in. … I don’t want everyone to know my name and my business.”

Kate Gosselin wrote about the ‘unfair’ treatment of the twins on Instagram

We know Kate is quite close to the twins, and she posted a sweet photo of them to her Instagram. The photo had quite an aggressive caption, however. “Times have been so tough and so needlessly unfair for them,” the mom of eight wrote. “Despite it all, they’ve turned out to be such wonderful amazing human beings. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for each of them once they get away from those who have tried to destroy them versus protect them!”

We know Jon and Kate still have a tumultuous relationship to this day, so it’s possible Kate was referencing Jon in her post. Recently, Jon came forward to the media and claimed Kate doesn’t allow any of the kids to truly have a voice of their own. “She always speaks for the children. They say this, they want to do this – unicorns, rainbows and look, flying pigs. It’s all lies. They all have voices,” he said during an interview with DailyMailTV.

It seems Mady and Cara still don’t speak to Jon

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We know Hannah and Collin would rather live with Jon than Kate, but the twins are very much on their mother’s side. Back in 2016, Mady and Cara told People that they no longer speak to Jon, as they didn’t appreciate him speaking about them to the media when they’re not even in contact.

As Mady said at the time, “He makes it seem like we’re being kept from him, which is insane. He should maybe spend some time thinking about why we don’t want to see him, and maybe realize that if he ever does want a relationship with us, talking about us on TV is not the way to make that happen.”

We see that Jon didn’t post about the twins heading off to college on his Instagram, either. It’s safe to assume Mady and Cara still have a strained relationship with their father at this point.

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