Kate Hudson Says Rumors of Her Raising Her Baby Genderless are Clickbait

In October of last year, actress Kate Hudson welcomed her third child into the world.

She and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa decided to name the baby after Fujikawa’s father.

“We have decided to name our daughter Rani (pronounced Ronnie) after her grandfather, Ron Fujikawa,” she announced via Instagram. “Ron was the most special man who we all miss dearly. To name her after him is an honor.”

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We love a onesie

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Naming her girl child after a man brought up some questions as to how the couple would raise their daughter.

Earlier this month, the actress was asked in an interview with AOL how raising a girl has differed from raising her boys.

“It doesn’t really change my approach, but there’s definitely a difference,” Hudson responded.

“I think you just raise your kids individually regardless – like a genderless [approach],” she continued. “We still don’t know what she’s going to identify as. I will say that, right now, she is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds, and her way. It’s very different from the boys, and it’s really fun to actually want to buy kids’ clothes. With the boys, it was just like onesies … actually, I did pretty good with the boys.  But with her, it’s a whole other ball game. There’s some stuff that I’m like, ‘I can’t do that to her, because it’s so over-the-top.'”

After the interview, the word “genderless” started appearing in several news headlines, claiming that Hudson had said that she was planning to raise her child genderless.

On Monday, the actress got tired of reading all of the headlines and decided to clarify on Instagram.

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“Recently someone asked me something along the lines of, if having and raising a girl is different from boys,” she wrote on the social media site. “My response was simple. Not really. This whole clickbait tactic of saying I’m raising my daughter to be ‘genderless’ is silly and frankly doesn’t even make sense.”

While she doesn’t plan to raise her child “genderless” necessarily, she definitely doesn’t plan on forcing any gender norms on her little girl.

“I raise and will continue to raise my children, both my boys and my girl, to feel free to be exactly who they want to be,” she continued. “To feel confident in their life choices and feel loved and supported no matter what. Me saying a ‘genderless approach’ was a way of refocusing the conversation in a direction that could exist outside of the female stereotype. It just felt a little antiquated to me. Not all girls want to be a princess, some want to be a king. And that’s fine with me.”

Hudson has claimed that she was a tomboy in the past and praised her mom for letting her grow up in an environment where she felt safe to express herself as she pleased.


She told AOL that her upbringing with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell had been one that was “emotionally safe” and gave her a “really solid upbringing of love and security.”

So though the star won’t be raising her baby genderless, she does want to bring her child up in a home of love and acceptance.

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