Kate Middleton Admitted Being a ‘Famous Mom’ Made Pregnancy So Much Harder

The pressures of being part of the royal family have gotten a fresh look with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Having long complained about the lack of privacy, they have taken the drastic measure of stepping down from their royal duties to escape the spotlight. While Prince Harry’s relative distance from the throne made such a step possible (though still controversial) for his family, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are expected to deal with the pressures of fame.

Middleton has been praised for her poise, confidence, and ability to act regal in the face of a crowd. Recently, she opened up about how her fame certainly made pregnancy a challenging time.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a growing family

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have three children, and the whole family is largely popular with the British public. Their first child, Prince George, was born in 2013, two years after his parents’ show-stopping wedding in 2011. In 2015, Princess Charlotte joined the family. In 2018, their youngest child, a son named Prince Louis, was born. 

Speculation has circulated ever since that the family plans to expand even further. Many fans have started scrutinizing Middleton’s photos and public appearances for signs of a baby bump. While the public has predicted a fourth pregnancy multiple times since Prince Louis’ birth, the whispers remain unconfirmed rumors at this point. 

Kate Middleton in blue, smiling
Kate Middleton | Paul Campbell/Getty Images)

Kate Middleton is largely regarded as an amazing mom 

Middleton is famous for her ability to remain poised and calm in moments of stress. Parenting within the confines of royal protocol has certainly put those skills to the test. Whether she’s heading off a toddler meltdown while perfectly managing her outfit and heels, or visiting other children at schools around the country, Middleton has proven herself to be a capable and talented mother

These are just some of the many skills that Middleton will bring with her on the path to becoming the Queen. Prince William is widely expected to follow his father (who will be the eldest monarch ever crowned to the throne) into the position of King. When that happens, Middleton will be putting all of her charm and grace to the ultimate test; a role she seems ready to fill

Pregnancy was a difficult time for Kate Middleton

Despite her seemingly unflappable personality, Middleton recently opened up about the challenges of being pregnant and in the spotlight. Her ability to look perfectly polished in nearly every photo of her during her pregnancies may have masked the reality. The truth is that Middleton was quite sick. In fact, she suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness that can result in serious complications if not managed. She even spent a few days hospitalized as a response to the condition.

Always one to think about how her role relates to those around her, Middleton lamented the way her illness caused a struggle for everyone: “It was definitely a challenge. Not just for me, but also for your loved ones around you…William didn’t feel like he could do much to help. It’s hard for everyone to see you suffering.”

Of course, Middleton had the added pressure of feeling miserable while there were constantly cameras in her face, and adoring fans wanting to know every detail of her pregnancy and the births. It can’t be easy to keep a happy face all the time under those circumstances, but Middleton was up for the challenge. As the future Queen continues to face renewed pregnancy rumors and maintain her role as a mother in the midst of her busy royal duties, it’s important to remember that famous or not, pregnancy and parenthood take a toll on everyone.