Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Both Earned ‘Their Place in the Working World’

Princess Diana was only 20 when she married Prince Charles. That means she didn’t have a lot of time to accomplish things before becoming a member of the royal family. She certainly made a huge impact on the world after getting married, and continued to do so after her divorce. 

Her daughters in law are in a completely different situation. Both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton had an opportunity to make their mark on the world before getting married, and both of them did.

In fact, they may have been more successful in the working world than their royal husbands. 

The princes didn’t make the grade

Kate Middleton Meghan Markle
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Karwai Tang/Getty Images

It turns out if you’re royal, it doesn’t matter too much if you get good grades. The top schools will all accept you anyway. At least that seems to be what happened to Prince William and Prince Harry. Although their grades weren’t abysmal, neither of them were star students. 

Both boys went to a very prestigious preparatory high school. At Eton, Prince William got three As, and a C in Biology. Geography was one of his A subjects in high school, and he went on to get a degree in Geography from St. Andrew’s. His high school grades probably wouldn’t have gotten a commoner into the Scottish university.

Prince Harry only aced two subjects in high school. Aside from the two As, he got a B in art, and a D in geography. It’s kind of interesting that his worst subject was his brother’s best. Either way, academics might not have been his thing. He joined the military after high school and was trained as an officer. 

Kate earned her place

Kate also went to St. Andrew’s in Scotland, but she got in on merit. She left high school with three As and one B. She didn’t have a royal title to rely on, so she really had to work for it. 

Royal experts theorize that her children will have an easier time of getting into the university of their choice, regardless of their high school grades. It’s likely the royal benefit their father enjoyed will be passed on to George, Charlotte, and Louis.

However, little Archie might not be so lucky. He’s further from the throne than his cousins, so he may have to get good grades to get into St. Andrew’s. Luckily he has his mother and aunt to tutor him. 

Meghan was a double major

The Duchess of Sussex is well known for her successful acting career. It may surprise fans to learn that she has serious brains as well. Meghan attended Northwestern University, and had a double major in Theater and International Relations. 

Obviously, Meghan has used her Theater degree in her career. She could have easily gone in another direction, however. If she had gone into international relations, she may have never met Prince Harry.

Now Meghan is using her degree in a way she probably never dreamed of. Expert knowledge of international relations is a great skill for a royal duchess to have. The duke and duchess have traveled extensively in their short time as husband and wife, including many international trips. Soon, the couple will travel to Africa to raise awareness for charities operating there. 

Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t pick the life they were born into. We can hardly blame them for benefiting from their royal titles. These men did choose their wives, and it says a lot about both of them that they picked smart, well-educated women to have by their sides. Their mother would be proud.