Kate Middleton and Prince William Just Took a Page Out of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Playbook By Doing This

Who says Prince William and Kate Middleton never show affection in public? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recently stepped out in London for a public event and engaged in a little PDA in front of a large crowd. The move was a rare one for the couple, who appear to have taken a page right out of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s playbook.

Prince William Kate Middleton PDA
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Photo by John Phillips/WireImage

Prince William and Middleton enjoy some PDA

This week, Prince William and Middleton attended several events in preparation for their upcoming tour of Pakistan. The pair was spotted meeting up with Imam Aga Khan at King’s Cross before heading to the Aga Khan Centre.

They then appeared at a Pakistani cultural event in London that was held in honor of Khan. According to Express, onlookers spotted Prince William and Kate Middleton engaging in some adorable PDA while speaking with fans at the event.

At one point, Middleton gently stroked Prince William’s arm in what turned out to be a rare show of affection for the couple, who usually avoid any and all types of PDA while in public.

In fact, Middleton and Prince William hardly ever hold hands when the cameras are rolling and generally avoid touching each other at all costs.  

While it was great to see Prince William and Kate Middleton show some affection, they are hardly the first royals to do so.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle get close in South Africa

Markle and Prince Harry are currently enjoying the last leg of their tour of South Africa. This week, the pair reunited in Tembisa, a township in Johannesburg, where they were not afraid to pack on the PDA.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex separated for around five days during their tour so that they could visit various charities independently. In Tembisa, Markle couldn’t help but confess that she missed Prince Harry and was looking forward to reuniting.

During the outing, Prince Harry and Markle were nothing but smiles as they held hands and cuddled with each other. In fact, Markle could hardly take her hands off her husband throughout the event.

The appearance came days after Prince Harry released a scathing statement about how the press has been treating Markle in recent months. The Duke of Sussex blasted British tabloids for making up stories about the former Suits star and is taking legal actions against one outlet in particular.

Prince Harry is suing the Daily Mail and its parent company for publishing a series of private letters that were written by Markle and addressed to her father, Thomas Markle.

The lawyers for the royal family contend that the Daily Mail edited the letters to make it seem like Markle was saying things that are simply untrue. There is no telling if Prince Harry will win the suit, but it is great to see him standing up for Markle.

Why don’t Prince William and Kate Middleton show affection?

Avoiding PDA is an unwritten rule in the royal family that Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, have followed over the years.

Like Prince William and Middleton, Her Majesty and Prince Philip rarely get close to each other in public and keep it strictly professional. Over the years, this behavior has set a precedent for other family members to follow.

With Prince William set to become the King of England one day, it makes sense that he and Kate Middleton would follow Elizabeth’s lead when it comes to PDA.

On the other hand, their latest show of affection could indicate that they are willing to bend the rules from time to time, not unlike their counterparts in Prince Harry and Markle.

It also shows that Prince William and Middleton have a close relationship and are not afraid to show their love every once in a while. Although they seem open to the idea of PDA, it is unlikely that they will get on the same level as Prince Harry and Markle.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have not commented on the reports surrounding their latest outing. The two are currently scheduled to go on a tour of Pakistan, which could offer more opportunities for them to show their affection.