This Video of Kate Middleton Playing Arcade Games Will Brighten Your Day

With lockdown restrictions in the U.K. easing amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are getting out and about with the public once again. For the past several months the Cambridges had been sheltering in place at their country home, Amner Hall in Norfolk with their young child, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

However, after some extended quality time and various virtual events, the Cambridges are happy to be bringing back their work in person. Amid Prince Andrew’s scandal, Megxit, and due to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles’ advanced ages, it’s been up to the duke and duchess to keep the royal family afloat.

For Kate, in particular, this has been her time to shine and to present aspects of her personality that may not have been seen before.

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Kate Middleton has been extremely visible in the royal family lately

While many of us have been at home, Kate has used this time to make herself even more visible in the royal fold. The Duchess of Cambridge is fully stepping into her royal role as things continue to shift and change within the royal family.

Royal expert Leslie Carroll spoke to Express about Kate’s ramped up visibility, as she fills some of the void, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex left behind. Carroll revealed,

In Meghan’s absence, and particularly during the coronavirus lockdown, Kate has been compelled to step to the forefront a lot more. Even from behind her keyboard and computer screen, she has become more visible and accessible. She is naturally more diffident than Meghan; the openness with strangers doesn’t come naturally to her, although she can speak candidly on subjects close to her heart, such as parenting.

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Kate Middleton knows how to survive in the British royal family

As a newcomer to royal life and the U.K., Meghan never did discover how to navigate royal life. However, Kate has been in or around the royal family for nearly 20 years at this point. As a result, she’s learned by careful study what she needs to do in order to survive and thrive.

“I’ve spent quite a lot of time around Kate and she is impenetrable,” a source told Tatler Magazine. “There is nothing to like or dislike. She has a ruthless survival streak, just like the House of Windsor. It’s why she is so well suited. She keeps her head down because the prize of being queen is so great. She models herself on the Queen and now speaks like the Queen.”

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Kate Middleton played video games with Prince William at a recent royal outing

Though she models herself after Queen Elizabeth, Kate is also warm like Meghan. The Cambridges have wanted to make sure the royal family doesn’t look closed and cut off.

The royals have been working to help tourism in the U.K. that was stalled by COVID-19. Recently Kate and Prince William to Barry Island in South Wales.  During their visit, the couple competed against one another to try and win prizes on a claw game. Though the duchess was nearly successful at winning a stuffed animal, her victory as thwarted at the last minute.

Still, it was good to see these two out and about like normal.