Kate Middleton Became Victim of Incredibly Sexist Commentary About Women’s Appearances

The harsh reality is that along with being a member of the royal family comes extreme criticism. Fans, as well as the news media, don’t often keep their opinions to themselves, and we are pretty used to seeing family members such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle on the cover of weekly tabloids.

Just about everything that the royals do is judged whether it is fair or not. From the way that they look to the private trips that they take, we can always count on seeing the royal family members undergo more than their fair share of scrutiny.

Recently, it was speculated that Kate Middleton received a beauty-enhancing treatment called baby Botox. Although Kensington Palace denies that the Duchess of Cambridge underwent the procedure, before and after pictures were posted and people began criticizing Kate’s appearance. So, how exactly did Kate Middleton become a victim of sexist commentary regarding women’s appearances?

A plastic surgeon made the claims about Kate

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Peter Nicholls – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The entire situation began when a London-based plastic surgeon took to social media to post pictures of Kate, implying that she was a client of his. Harper’s Bazaar reports that the establishment where the surgeon performs procedures referred to the duchess as “our Kate,” and used photographs in order to convince members of the public that Kate did, in fact, receive the baby Botox.

Representatives for the establishment went on to say that they couldn’t actually confirm as to whether or not the duchess was a client and that they wanted to show other potential clients what the procedure could do for them. Dr. Munir Somji pointed out that side-by-side photographs showed Kate with visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

The doctor never actually said when the photographs, which have since been deleted, were taken.

Kensington Palace denies the rumors

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The rumors that Kate had the baby Botox done were quickly shut down by Kensington Palace. According to Insider, the royal family does not support commercial activity, and a spokesperson said that the statements implying that Kate was a client of the plastic surgery clinic were “untrue.”

While the palace usually doesn’t release such statements, they were trying to prevent speculative rumors from circulating, and therefore felt it necessary to issue a public statement.

According to the medical spa that performs the treatments, a non-disclosure agreement prevents them from commenting on “high-profile” clients. 

Why does it matter if Kate had baby Botox or not?

It certainly should not matter at all. Millions of people have similar procedures done every day, and they keep their personal matters to themselves. If Kate or any other member of the royal family decided to have any sort of cosmetic treatment, that is a very private decision and one that should not be scrutinized by the media.

We often forget that although Kate is definitely a natural beauty, she is only human just like the rest of us! This means that she most likely has insecurities about the aging process, and should she decide to undergo an enhancing treatment, it is absolutely her right to do so.

Kate became a victim of unfair commentary about women’s appearances

In the years since joining the royal family, Kate is often the subject of online criticism and headline news. Hello! can report that Kensington Palace is going out of their way to reduce or even end the scrutiny that often occurs regarding the duchess.

It is certainly not fair that Kate was a victim of such sexist remarks regarding women’s appearances in order for a clinic to promote their services. What Kate does in her private time or behind palace doors is her own business, and she should not have to worry about being judged by anyone regarding her personal decisions.