What Is Kate Middleton’s Diet? Her Eating Habits and Go-To Diet Plan, Revealed

As a member of the royal family (and wife to the future King of England) we can’t help but want to know everything about Kate Middleton — including her eating habits. What is Kate Middleton’s diet? By the looks of it, she and her sister-in-law, Meghan Markle have a lot in common when it comes to food. Both love to cook and keep to a relatively clean, healthy diet plan. That said, Kate Middleton is known for kicking it up a notch to get in tip-top shape for special occasions (like her royal wedding).

We share the details of Kate Middleton’s diet, ahead.

Kate Middleton | EDDIE MULHOLLAND/AFP/Getty Images

Kate Middleton | Eddie Mulholland/AFP/Getty Images

What is Kate Middleton’s diet?

Kate Middleton is no stranger to eating healthy. To remain healthy for her children and family and keep her physique in shape, the Duchess of Cambridge is conscious about what goes on her plate. What is Kate Middleton’s diet? We share some key components, plus the one diet plan she swears by for shedding extra pounds, ahead.

Home-cooked meals

The Duchess of Cambridge loves to cook and often prepares meals at home for her family. Eating home-cooked meals can make a huge difference in one’s diet, as you can keep a pulse on every ingredient added in. When sticking to a clean diet, dining out can be somewhat of a crapshoot — especially if sugar and oils are a concern.

That said, she and Prince William occasionally order takeout (and, of course, aren’t against a nice meal out on the town).

Curry is one of her favorite foods

Kate Middleton loves food and curry is one of her all-time favorites. And, as it turns out, it’s something the duchess always requests when ordering takeout for the family. Curry is very popular in England and the United Kingdom and it contains one ingredient the wellness world can’t get enough of — turmeric. The yellow root (which is often used as a spice) is one of the most anti-inflammatory foods on the market, which makes it an excellent addition to any healthy meal.

She eats for her skin

Like Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton takes good care of her skin (and never leaves home without her trust rosehip oil). The duchess is a big fan of raw foods and has even tried the popular unprocessed raw food diet for healthier hair and skin. She is a big fan of ceviche and also loves gazpacho, watermelon, goji berries, and tabbouleh.

Special occasions are a time for indulgences

Despite her clean eating habits, Kate Middleton is no stranger to indulgences. She particularly likes to treat herself around the holidays to festive treats, as well as pasta (something the queen rarely has on the menu).

She’s a fan of the Dukan Diet

What is Kate Middleton’s diet of choice? According to reports, the duchess is a big fan of the Dukan Diet. She stuck to the high protein, low carb regimen ahead of her royal wedding to shed extra pounds and reveal a more toned physique. Other celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bündchen are also fans of the diet.

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