Kate Middleton Discloses Prince Louis’ First Phrase Was This Reality TV Star’s Name

The royal family is not often thought of as the most relatable people in the world. They occupy a rare space in that they are a centuries-old dynasty that still abides by many very traditional “rules.”

Still, there are certain instances when the royals prove that they are just like everyone else, and occasionally get very invested in pop culture.

Recently, Kate Middleton opened up about one such instance, when her youngest child, Prince Louis, spoke some of his first words and they were not at all what might be expected. 

Kate Middleton at a charity event
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

How old is Prince Louis?

Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011 and started their family not long after. Their oldest child, Prince George, was born in 2013, and Princess Charlotte was born in 2015. Many royal followers, knowing the couple’s love for children, expected that they would have a large family, and in April 2018, the third royal baby was born, little Prince Louis. As the fifth in line to the throne, Prince Louis will not have to grow up with the same level of responsibility as his older brother, Prince George, but he will still have a certain level of pressure to deal with as he gets older.

Prince Louis is, by all accounts, a very active, intelligent baby, and hit a lot of milestones very quickly, including crawling very fast by the time he was ten months old. No doubt the young prince had the example of his older two siblings to look up to, but his advances can also be attributed to how involved and interactive Prince William and Kate Middleton are.

Both parents are frequently seen getting down to their children’s eye level to talk to them and make it a point to show affection a great deal, a contrast to the traditional royal family guidelines. 

What were Prince Louis’ first phrases?

When Prince Louis celebrated his first birthday in April 2019, the private party was reportedly a fabulous affair, thanks to Kate Middleton’s experience in the party-planning industry.

The young prince celebrated with family and friends, and although no photos were released of the event, royal fans have gotten to enjoy little glimpses into the family’s private life as the year has gone on.

Recently, Kate Middleton revealed that Prince Louis is obsessed with a famous British chef, Mary Berry. Middleton stated that one of the toddler’s first words was “Mary” and that one of his first full phrases was “that’s Mary Berry.”

She went on to say that because all of Berry’s cookbooks are right at his height in the kitchen bookshelf, Prince Louis has become very familiar with the chef’s face.

Who is Mary Berry?

Kate Middleton and Prince William are actually joining forces with Mary Berry in a TV special called A Berry Royal Christmas. The special highlights Berry, as well as several other high-profile British chefs, as they prepare a festive meal for charity staff. Prince William and Kate Middleton are appearing on the special, in a rare treat for royal fans everywhere.

As for Mary Berry herself, she is one of the most famous British food writers of all time, with a career that has spanned decades. She has published over seventy cookbooks during the course of her career and is beloved by fans of all ages.

Berry started receiving acclaim from American audiences when she started appearing as a judge on the popular baking competition show The Great British Bake Off. All in all, there are far worse people that Prince Louis could be obsessed with!