Kate Middleton Follows Princess Diana’s Footsteps During Her Pakistan Royal Visit

Every royal fan is well aware that Prince William and Kate Middleton just wrapped up a royal tour of Pakistan, where they spend five days talking about the country’s link to the United Kingdom. It definitely wasn’t their first tour, although it was the first time that members of the royal family have visited Pakistan in about 13 years.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge kept pretty busy while there, visiting schools and hospitals, interacting with the local people and even giggling as they rode to an event in a rickshaw. As usual, everyone was pretty taken with the pictures that emerged of the couple in Pakistan, particularly with Duchess Kate’s outfits.

The Duchess of Cambridge never fails to impress everyone with her fashion choices, and that is exactly what she did while she was on tour. Also as expected, the royal couple remembered the late Princess Diana, who also visited the country herself many years ago. So, how did Kate Middleton follow in Princess Diana’s footsteps during the recent Pakistan royal visit?

How did Prince William and Kate spend their time while they were in Pakistan?

Prince William and Duchess Kate’s schedule was definitely full during the most recent royal tour. They carried out their duties with a smile, just as they always do.

So, what was on the itinerary? According to The Sun, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a cancer hospital, talking with a young patient and making her giggle as Duchess Kate wore a plastic tiara. They also attended a reception at the Pakistan National Monument, where Middleton looked absolutely stunning in a sparkling green dress with long sleeves that complimented her figure perfectly.

In addition, they visited a school for disadvantaged girls, and they also made time to play a fun and friendly game of cricket. During the trip, Prince William and Duchess Kate were heavily guarded due to security issues, which is the main reason as to why their three children did not accompany them. Although Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis stayed behind in London, their parents sweetly called them every night before bedtime.

When did Princess Diana go to Pakistan?

The late Princess Diana actually made many trips to the country of Pakistan. According to Royal Central, she went there in 1991, in what was her first solo tour.

Princess Diana headed back in 1996, in order to visit her close friend, Imran Khan. He is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Just a year later, the princess went to the country once more, this time to mark the official opening of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. While there, she visited with patients and also helped to raise funds for the hospital. 

Kate Middleton followed in Princess Diana’s footsteps during the recent tour of Pakistan

Princess Diana (L) and Kate Middleton (R)
Princess Diana (L) and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (R) | (L) Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images (R) Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Middleton managed to pay tribute to Princess Diana and follow in her footsteps during the royal tour. According to People, she did this by wearing a traditional outfit called a shalwar kameez, just as Princess Diana did when she visited the country. The traditional South Asian outfit consisted of a periwinkle colored tunic-style shirt and matching pants with a blue scarf to complete the look.

It is wonderful that even after all these years, Duchess Kate finds ways to include Princess Diana in the royal duties that she carries out each day. One of the main focuses of the trip for both Prince William and Duchess Kate was to honor Princess Diana, and that is just what they did.

Prince William made the time to work with some local charities, just as his mother once did. It is likely that the duke and duchess were thinking about Princess Diana just a little more than usual during their five days in the country of Pakistan, and we can only imagine how proud she would be of them both.