Kate Middleton Had to Accept This About Prince William to Become the Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding in 2011 was watched by people around the world, yet their fairytale union was threatened when the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge parted ways in 2007. While the couple now shares three children and are in a state of marital bliss, Middleton was forced to accept one thing about William before he would take her back — and you would never guess what it was.

Kate Middleton Prince William
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Inside Prince William and Kate Middleton’s split

William and Middleton met while attending college at the University of St. Andrews in the early 2000s. They went public with their romance shortly after graduation, yet their relationship hit a major snag in 2007.

Prior to their breakup, inside sources claimed that Middleton was ready for William to pop the big question. She was so confident about the engagement that she never saw the split coming.

As far as William is concerned, he was not ready to make a major commitment at the time. Instead, he reportedly told Middleton that she would have to accept one thing if she ever wanted him back. According to Express, William revealed that he wanted a lot more freedom in the relationship, especially when it came to looking at other women.

“He has always had a roving eye, far more so than Harry, who is meant to be the family playboy,” an insider shared. “That’s something Kate has always known and accepted – it was part of the deal, if you like.”

As royal watchers are well aware, Kate Middleton and William only stayed separated for a couple of months. It would be another three years, however, until William proposed to Middleton, who gladly accepted. The pair went on to tie the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in 2011 and have not looked back since.

Prince William acts out

William was still in the military when he and Kate Middleton parted ways. At the time, he was stationed at a base near London and did not seem too keen on traveling to the city every weekend to see Middleton.

Instead, William started spending a lot of time with his friends in the barracks. Their activities included drinking and dancing in nearby clubs — behavior the royal family did not exactly condone.

When he did make the trip to London, it was not always to see Middleton. In one outing, William was caught flirting with a mystery girl at a local club. Paparazzi members were on hand to catch William red-handed, and photos from the evening hit outlets the following day.

There is little doubt that Middleton did not approve of William’s behavior. In fact, sources claim that Middleton was very frustrated with what was happening, which could explain why their relationship was strained.

Despite the rocky times, Prince William and Kate Middleton still put up a strong front for the public. Even when they did break up, the two carried on with their lives as if a new opportunity had just opened.

Did Middleton call off the relationship?

Although it sounds like Prince William was the one who wanted a break in 2007, other sources claim that Middleton is the one who pulled the plug on the romance. One source says that Kate Middleton pumped the breaks after realizing how much her life would change once she became a part of the royal family.

Royal expert Richard Palmer, meanwhile, believes that Middleton needed time to think about the consequence of becoming William’s wife. To that end, Middleton wanted space to reflect on the situation, especially given the extra attention she was receiving from the media.

In the months leading up to the split, even Middleton’s parents were growing worried about the media. On Middleton’s 25th birthday, for example, hundreds of people showed up at her house looking to capture the moment when William got on bended knee.

Middleton reportedly felt harassed by the paparazzi, which would explain why she felt like a break was in order. William, of course, has first-hand experience with unwanted media attention, and the royal family does their best to avoid intrusive behavior.

William and Middleton have not commented on the rumors surrounding their split, making it difficult to say what really went down. Luckily, everything worked out for the pair and they could not be happier with how things are going.