Kate Middleton Has a New Nickname No Thanks to Prince William’s Rumored Affair

Recently, we wrote about the reports of Meghan Markle dealing with the brunt of nicknames branded upon her from supposedly exasperated (and biased) courtiers. While we don’t know how true those nicknames are, there seems to be a trend among royal insiders on giving in-laws snarky nicknames if they don’t live up to certain standards.

Kate Middleton has avoided nicknames on the level Meghan receives lately. Regardless, things might have taken a turn with the latest rumor of Prince William having had an affair with Kate’s best friend, Rose Hanbury.

This time, it’s the media stamping a horrible nickname onto the Duchess of Cambridge, with a connotation to our own President.

So what is the media calling Kate?

Because Kate cut Rose Hanbury (and her husband) out of her and William’s life recently for unknown reasons, it seems to give the media license to invent a new nickname.

The Times in London is now calling her “The Vaporiser-In-Chief” as a metaphor for Kate quickly cutting all ties with any rivals in her life. It’s the first instance of the media deciding to turn on Kate after years of good graces, something equated with what happened to Princess Diana 30 years ago.

Some people are even insinuating Kate will use this new “phase out” trend of her rivals with Meghan next. As usual, it might be just more nasty rumors for the cottage industry of royal gossip.

Finding the middle ground on the truth

What really was it that led Kate to phase out Hanbury from her inner circle? There isn’t any official word from the royals about it, likely for good reason. As far as we know, it could have to do with something else unrelated to William having an affair.

One of the dangers of having close friends living next to you for so long is you can sometimes find out things about them you regret. Was there something about Hanbury and her husband Kate found offensive?

Sometimes we wonder if there’s a connection to Meghan, especially with all the nicknames she’s been receiving lately. One or two of those nicknames might have racist connotations, which some media sources suggest is due to the deep-seeded racism inside British society.

There’s even insinuations this is why the media keeps trying to make Meghan’s life hell.

Is Kate really standing up for Meghan?

Based on the idea the British tabloids are deliberately trying to go after Meghan, you have to think about whether stories of Kate’s new nickname are even true. If so, maybe it’s because she’s sticking up for Meghan after finding out one of her friends started acting like the British press.

While there isn’t any proof of anything, the Kate/Meghan feud already didn’t have much legs, especially with their positive body language when seen in public together.

All told, it looks like the British tabloids have perhaps decided to go after both of the duchesses simply because they’re perhaps more simpatico than the press wants.

Now we’ll have to wait whether the public will turn on the British paparazzi for dishing out derogatory nicknames for the princesses.

Will the British press regret using these nicknames?

You probably can’t use the word “regret” when talking about the paparazzi in the U.K. or anywhere else. They never admit being wrong about something, though maybe they’ll have to eat their own nicknames they’re devising for Kate and Meghan.

From an ethical standpoint, it’s already unfair to give them nicknames when it just cheapens their royal personas. Despite both likely not being perfect individuals, making them look like devious mean girls only hurts the tabloids covering this story.

We’ll likely never know why Kate shunned the Marquess of Cholmondeley. Ultimately, we hope it’s because Kate has just risen above those who want to live in their old and biased ways.