Kate Middleton Has a ‘Semi-Maternal’ Royal Mentor, Says Body Language Expert

Being married to the future king of England is something that billions of people can only dream of, but for Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, it is a reality. She knows all too well about life in the spotlight, and she knows just how overwhelming royal life can be at times.

Even so, it appears as though Kate is one of the calmest and poised members of the royal family, never even appearing to get flustered. She carries out her royal duties with ease and sophistication that indicate just how much she is meant to be a queen consort. This likely comes from years of practice, as well as a strong sense of self-discipline.

In addition, there is no doubt that Kate has help from other members of the royal family who are used to being in front of millions of people at all times. Let’s discuss how a body language expert now says that Kate has a “semi-maternal” royal mentor. 

Joining the royal family

Prince William and Kate Middleton leave Westminster Abbey following their royal wedding ceremony, 2011
Prince William and Kate Middleton following their royal wedding ceremony, 2011 | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

We all know that Kate was considered a “commoner” when she joined the royal family. After living a seemingly typical life with her family, she was thrust into the spotlight when she became involved in a serious relationship with Prince William, and before she knew it, her life was completely different.

According to Express, it isn’t always easy for Kate to know that she is being watched by the entire world. When she and Prince William got married in 2011, the wedding was viewed around the world on live television, and all eyes have been on Kate ever since.

We are sure that it took some getting used to, and chances are, Kate needed some support and advice along the way. Fortunately, there are people who she can turn to when she needs a little guidance.

Who is Sophie, Countess of Wessex?

When we think about the royals, names like Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Diana usually come to mind first. However, one of the most respected royals is actually Sophie, Countess of Wessex, yet it seems we don’t know much about her.

So, who exactly is she? According to Town & Country, Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones married Prince Edward in 1999 and has been an important member of the royal family ever since. She will officially become a duchess upon the death of her father-in-law, Prince Philip, when her husband Edward takes over the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

Sophie and Edward have two children, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, and it is well-known that the queen absolutely adores her. 

A body language expert says that Kate Middleton has a ‘semi-maternal’ royal mentor

So many people have mentors to help them be the best that they can be, and now we have learned that Kate is no exception. Express reports that a body language expert says that Sophie, Countess of Wessex has a special relationship with Kate, and may actually be her “semi-maternal” royal mentor.

What are the signs that indicate that this is the case? Sophie’s demeanor is drama-free, and she seems like a natural as she carries out her royal duties. As a senior member of the royal family, the countess knows that image is important, and she is extremely comfortable in her royal role, especially when she is making high-profile appearances.

We have seen her alongside Kate many times, and the two of them seem to get along just wonderfully. It looks as if the Duchess of Cambridge is taking pointers from Sophie, who has been a member of the royal family much longer than Kate has. How wonderful that Kate has someone who she knows she can turn to when things get a little rough for her.