Kate Middleton Has Been Secretly Breaking This Royal Rule

While Meghan Markle is always in the news for upsetting royal tradition, Kate Middleton has done a very good job of appearing to conform to royal standards. However, there are occasional times that the Duchess of Cambridge breaks protocol. But she usually figures out an appropriate way to do it so that no one gets upset.

You might not have even realized she was doing it. Here are some examples of the ways Middleton has gone against the royal rules and one, in particular, that she defies on the regular.  

Kate Middleton breaks this one royal rule

Kate Middleton attends the naming ceremony for The RSS Sir David Attenborough.
Kate Middleton | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

The royal dress code dictates that only natural-looking nails are allowed at official events. It also encourages royal women to continue this look at non-official events as well. This means no polish, clear polish, or only pale-colored polish. Queen Elizabeth sticks to a pale pink color, Essie’s Ballet Slippers, which she has been wearing for nearly 30 years.  

Duchess Kate usually follows the rule, wearing no polish or a light color. Even during her wedding in 2011, arguably the most important event for looking your best, she mixed two pale shades to create a unique pink color. She reportedly combined Essie’s Allure and Bourjois Rose Lounge. 

Except, a few fans have noticed the Duchess of Cambridge does skirt the rule occasionally, wearing a dark red shade. However, most people don’t notice because she wears the color on her toes instead of her fingers. 

The duchess’ way of expressing herself while still remaining perfectly royal is impressive. Most fans will only notice the reasonable shade on her hands, while there’s a party happening on her feet. It fits what people expect of royal. This may be Middleton’s way of expressing her wild side. 

Kate Middleton wore shorts for the first time in eight years

This Summer, Middleton broke another royal tradition. She wore shorts to the King’s Cup Regatta, a boat race for the super posh. Royal protocol states that women should wear dresses, skirts or occasionally pants in public, and Duchess Kate usually abides by this rule. In fact, the world hasn’t seen her in shorts since before she became a duchess, eight years ago. 

In true Middleton fashion, even though she was in shorts, she still looked perfectly respectable. Her navy shorts were paired with a white polo tee and sneakers, a look that fit right in with all the other boat goers. Although it’s not a look normally seen on royal women, other participants at the boat race were dressed in a similar fashion, so it didn’t appear out of line in any way.

Middleton has always had a sporty side, so she was probably relieved to be able to wear the casual style. 

Kate Middleton usually covers her legs

Normally, the queen is very concerned with royal women covering their legs, which is why she usually requires royal women to wear nylons rather than bare skin. Middleton usually abides by this protocol.

When in skirts or dresses, she almost always wears nude nylons. She even uses the hose to her advantage. Several news outlets have reported that Duchess Kate prefers to wear John Lewis’ “Barely-there non-slip” hose, a brand with sticky grips on the sole, to keep her feet safety tucked into her heels. The grips prevent her feet from slipping and avoid the problem of walking out of her shoes. 

As a bonus, Middleton’s legs always look gorgeous since the nylons hide any blemishes or cellulite, which she probably doesn’t have much of. Leave it to the Duchess of Cambridge to conform with royal standards while also using it to her advantage. For a woman who will be Queen Consort one day, she does a great job of conforming with royal standards, while not letting it stifle her too much.