Kate Middleton Has The 1 Thing Princess Diana Always Wanted

Duchess Kate Middleton and the late Princess Diana’s experiences in the British Royal Family couldn’t be more different. In 1981, Princess Diana was just 20 when she married Prince Charles — a man she barely knew that she had zero chemistry with. Princess Diana was chosen as the future king’s wife because she came from the right pedigree and she was virginal. Though Princess Diana would win the hearts of the world, her marriage would crumble, and her life would end tragically before she turned 40.

In contrast, Duchess Kate Middleton has had a much more positive experience in the royal family. The duchess was Prince William’s college sweetheart, and the duo had a nearly decade-long relationship before tying the knot in 2011. Though Middleton’s mother-in-law is sadly no longer with us to see her experience the royals in the 21st century, there is one thing that the duchess has that Princess Diana always wanted.

The one thing Kate Middleton has that Princess Diana always wanted

On May 2, 2015, Duchess Kate Middleton gave birth to her middle child and her only daughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana –affectionately called Lottie by her loved ones. Having a daughter was something Princess Diana always longed for but never achieved. Princess Diana’s Royal butler and close personal friend Paul Burrell, told Express U.K, that having a daughter would have meant “everything” to the late princess.

In Amazon’s The Diana Story documentary, Burrell reflected on his late friend saying, “To have another baby girl in the family would have made everything for Diana. She was robbed of the opportunity of loving her grandchildren – especially Charlotte.”

Why didn’t Princess Diana and Prince Charles have more children?

Prince William and Prince Harry were called the “heir and the spare.” By the time Prince Harry was born in 1984 –the Prince and Princess of Wales’ marriage was already crumbling. In fact, Princess Diana knew her marriage to Prince Charles was finished on September 15, 1984 — the day Prince Harry was born. In the Channel 4 Documentary, Princess Diana’s “Wicked” Stepmother — Paul Burell, the princess’ former butler revealed,

I could see the cracks in the marriage between Charles and Diana getting wider and wider, Diana confided in me that on the night Harry was born, she cried herself to sleep. She says I knew my marriage was over and the Prince told the Princess that his duty was now done, he had provided the country with an heir and a spare and he could now resume his relationship with Ms Parker Bowles.

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Princess Charlotte loves dancing just like Princess Diana did

Princess Charlotte’s new favorite activity dancing was also a favorite of her late grandmother, Princess Diana. She has been taking ballet lessons at a dance school in South London each week. It looks like the tiny royal asked her parents about taking lessons when she saw her big brother participating in ballet at his school,  Thomas’s Battersea.

Prince William has spoken candidly about his children’s love for dancing. In March 2018 he revealed, “My daughter Charlotte loves dancing.” A few months later in October 2018 at a reception for teens at Kensington Palace, the future King of England said, “George is doing dancing as well. He loves it.” Princess Diana wanted to dance professionally, but at 5 foot 10 inches, she was too tall for the sport.

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