Did Kate Middleton Have A Poster Of Prince William In Her Boarding School Dorm Room?

Kate Middleton might be the Duchess of Cambridge now, but once upon a time, she was just a normal British girl who had posters of cute boys on her boarding school dorm wall. The duchess attended boarding school at Marlborough College. She was a transfer student who had been bullied so badly at her previous school, Downe House School, that she was pretty shy.

Despite her shyness –Middleton adored Marlborough and she made lifelong friends at the massive co-ed shool. Her former tutor, Joan Gall, told the Daily Mail, “When she arrived she was very quiet. Coming into a big school like Marlborough was difficult, but she settled in quickly. It was like a big, happy family. We would do things like bake cakes and watch videos.” One former classmate of Middleton’s remembers that the duchess had a poster of her future husband, Prince William on her dorm room wall.

Did Kate Middleton have a poster of Prince William on her dorm room wall?

Though the duchess adamantly denies it, her former roommate, Jessica Hay, recalls that Middleton had a poster of Prince William taped up on the shared wall of their boarding school dorm room. Hay told royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl, “She would joke, ‘There’s no one quite like William.'”

In her book Kate: The Future Queen, Nicholl says that Middleton denies having a high school crush on the man that is now her hubby. Even if she did have secret crush, it looks like the duchess was much more focused on her studies and activities then boys when she was in high school. Nicholl writes,

Indeed, when William came to Marlborough for interschool events, Kate was more interested in playing hockey than waiting at the goal line on the hockey field above Wedgewood, where some of the girls congregated to gawp at the prince. Others would gather outside Mill Mead, where the buses parked, so they could chase after the boys as they drove off. But not Kate.

What does Prince William think of Kate Middleton’s possible crush on him?

As you can imagine, the future King of England is rather amused by his wife’s alleged schoolgirl crush on him. During their engagement interview in 2010, Prince William chuckled, “She had 10 or 20 pictures of me up on her wall at university.” The duchess laughed as well but shot him down saying, “No, it was the Levi’s guy on my wall, not a picture of William. Sorry!”

When did Prince William and Kate Middleton start dating?

Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William were introduced to one another in 2001 just before they began their first year at St. Andrew’s University. Initially, the pair were just friends, and they even dated other people. However, by the end of their second quarter things shifted. The future King of England saw Middleton walking in one of the university’s fashion shows, and he was smitten. He later cornered her at a party, and the pair shared a kiss, officially changing their relationship forever.

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