Kate Middleton Is Handling Royal Life Much Better Than Meghan Markle

One of the hardest things about joining the royal family is getting used to all the attention. Plenty of Prince William and Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends have complained about being harassed by photographers, citing that as one of the main reasons the relationship failed.

But two women put aside their misgivings about being in the spotlight for their entire lives and married into the family anyway. Kate Middleton went from a regular middle-class upbringing to becoming one of the most talked-about women in the world. Meghan Markle had some experience with fame before getting married — she was a Hollywood actress — but her popularity has since exploded, changing her life completely.

It’s impossible to resist comparing how these two women deal with the pressure of fame. Most royal fans agree that Kate Middleton is doing a better job at handling her new, flashbulb-heavy life.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton
Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton | Clive Mason/Getty Images

Sharing private details is part of being a royal

Centuries ago the British monarch had enormous political power, but those days are over. While they do have more power than most people, the roles of the royal family are mostly for show, with the sitting king or queen as a mere figurehead. Laws and government are handled by the Prime Minister and parliament.

Yet the royal family is still funded by the taxpayers, meaning they’re beholden to the citizens. What does that mean? It means they need to give the people what they want, which is more photos of their private lives. Being in the spotlight goes hand in hand with being a royal. That’s just the way it works.

Meghan Markle is reluctant to share her life with the world

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, who used to be close with Meghan Markle before the relationship went sour, had some harsh words of criticism for his former friend. “On the one hand they [the Sussexes] want privacy … on the other, they want their cake and eat it,” Piers said on Good Morning Britain after it was announced that Archie’s baptism would be a private affair. “When it’s the wedding, they want everybody there because it’s great for brand ‘Meghan and Harry.’ So you can’t turn that tap on and off as and when you see fit.”

He said, “You can try, but the media are entitled … to say, ‘Hang on, you want us when it suits you, and you don’t want us when it doesn’t suit you.'”

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Meanwhile, Kate Middleton has embraced her role in the spotlight with ease

On the other end of the spectrum, Kate Middleton has managed to achieve that delicate balance of sharing just enough to keep the public happy while still maintaining her private family life. She’ll never be immune to rumors and gossip — just look at the recent cheating scandal rumors that refuse to die — but she does manage to ignore untrue statements made about her life.

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None of us will fully understand the enormous sacrifice it takes to be part of the royal family. But based on what’s transpired so far, it’s clear that Kate Middleton could teach Meghan Markle a thing or two about how much to reveal and how much to hide. She somehow manages to make it look easy.