Kate Middleton Is Reportedly ‘Under Pressure’ But Not ‘Struggling’

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is one of the most popular members of the royal family, and a beloved figure in pop culture. Over the years, she has grown up in the public eye, from the early days of her relationship with Prince William to become a mother of three young children.

She has done it all with grace, maturity, and style. Still, a recent tabloid report cast some doubt on Kate‘s ability to cope with the pressures of royal life, following the abrupt departure of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Royal sources have refuted the article, claiming Kate is actually doing better than ever. 

Kate Middleton is universally popular

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Kate has been a member of the royal family for many years. She first met Prince William while at university, and the two bonded over their mutual love of athletics.

Prince William was able to confide in Kate, and she earned his trust quickly. Their relationship soon turned romantic, and over the next several years, they were spotted on a variety of cross-country dates. 

In 2010, Kate and Prince William got engaged. The royal popped the question to his longtime girlfriend with a ring that had belonged to his mother, Princess Diana.

Just as Kate had staked a claim to Prince William’s heart, so too did the world fall in love with the brunette beauty. In 2011, the two tied the knot in an extravagant wedding ceremony that was watched by the whole world.

In the years since, Kate and Prince William have had three children and gone through a number of public trials and tribulations. Kate has become even more popular with the public, and even though she has endured her share of negative press stories, the people still seem to love her. 

A controversial report claimed that Kate is stressed

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | AP Photo/Peter Morrison, Pool

In January, Prince Harry and Meghan relinquished their roles as senior royals, and have since moved to California. In light of their absence, some had speculated that Prince William and Kate have had to pick up the slack.

A recent Tatler report claimed Kate is “overwhelmed” by all the responsibilities left behind by her brother-in-law and is having a difficult time coping.

The palace spoke out not long after the report was released, slamming the article as false, and stating that there is no truth at all to the reporting it contained. While they did not specify which parts of the article they took issue with, it is clear that the palace is not buying into Tatler’s narrative of Kate as a victim. 

Kate is ‘relishing’ her responsibilities 

Not only did the palace slam the Tatler’s report, but Kate herself proved the story to be fake news by taking up her royal duties in recent days, following months of lockdown. A brand-new report claims Kate has a real “core of strength” within her and would definitely have a problem with any report that claims she is struggling.

“If anything, she is relishing the role more than ever,” the source claims.  “And she will do it all to the best of her ability.”

Still, the same royal source reveals Kate is aware of the fact that all eyes are on her.

“She’d have to be superhuman not to feel the pressure,” the source stated, admitting that, without any real support from Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, “there is going to be a phenomenal workload on Catherine and William. The pressure is on the two of them.”

In the coming months, Kate will have a chance to prove the stuff she is made of, as she tackles life in the midst of a pandemic along with the constant trials and tribulations of regular royal life. In spite of the difficulties, she seems to be more than up to the task.