Kate Middleton Just Dropped Another Subtle Clue She Is Ready to Be Queen

Kate Middleton just dropped another clue that she is ready to be Queen. The Duchess of Cambridge has come a long way since she tied the knot with Prince William in 2011 and is taking on more responsibility than ever. But a recent change in her fashion choices is sending a clear signal that she is getting ready for her husband to take the throne.

Kate Middleton Queen
Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Kate Middleton prepares to become Queen

The Duchess of Cambridge has been married to William for 9 years now. The couple shares three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, and there have been rumors that another one is on the way.

Although it will probably be years before William inherits the crown, Kate has been slowly preparing herself for the day her husband sits on the throne.

Most of this preparation involves taking on more responsibilities in the royal family. This includes more public engagements and appearing on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.

Her Majesty has probably been coaching Kate on what is expected of her when William is at the head of the monarchy. But for Kate, there is another way in which she has been preparing for the day when William is the King of the United King.

The Duchess of Cambridge develops her own style

According to Express, Kate’s fashion has slowly been evolving over the years as she grows more confident in her role. When she was first dating William, for example, Kate usually opted for more conservative pieces.

Royal expert Laura Arrowsmith says that Kate has been wearing trendier outfits as of late, which shows how much she has grown over the past decade.

“Kate’s style has developed over the nine years of being married into the Royal Family and we have seen her bloom from opting for safe, expected garments to trialing trend-led pieces,” Arrowsmith explained.

Although her style has changed, Kate Middleton has kept her elegant touch and still appears as a woman of power in public settings. Because Kate will one day sit at William’s side on the throne, this is a key element to her style.

Kate is also well aware that royal watchers around the world focus on everything she wears. Although all eyes are on her, Kate is not afraid to recycle pieces and often wears the same dresses two or three times.

Queen Elizabeth’s subtle signs about Kate’s future

While Kate is clearly capable of rocking her own style, she gets help from time-to-time in the form of Queen Elizabeth’s fancy jewelry collection.

Over the years, Queen Elizabeth has lent Kate a number of different items from her collection, including necklaces, earrings, and tiaras.

When Kate tied the knot with William in 2011, for example, Queen Elizabeth let her wear the Cartier Halo Tiara, which was given to her when she turned 18 way back in the day.

Fast forward to 2018, and Kate Middleton donned the Lover’s Knot tiara during a state banquet, which was one of Princess Diana’s favorite pieces.

With Kate set to become Queen Consort one day, she will likely continue to borrow items from Queen Elizabeth until the collection falls under her control. Kate will likely receive the title of Queen Consort once William inherits the crown.

Kate Middleton is Queen Elizabeth’s top priority

Considering how William is second in line to the throne, Queen Elizabeth understands that Kate is very important to the future of the monarchy. To that end, royal expert Leslie Carroll claims that Kate is Queen Elizabeth’s number one priority.

Carroll, who is the author of the book, Royal Romances, revealed that Kate will one day be a maternal figure in the monarchy and will be an important role model to the entire country.

“Being a wife and mother… is clearly front and center, and one day as the Queen Consort she will play that maternal role… to Great Britain,” Carroll shared.

Luckily, Kate Middleton is already one of the most popular members of the royal family. Unless things change drastically in the coming years, she should enjoy the full support of the public once William is on the throne.

Kate’s importance to the monarchy increased even more following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent decision to step down as senior members of the royal family. The couple revealed that they will also split their time between the U.K. and Canada and will become financially independent in the coming years.

Kate Middleton has not commented on the reports surrounding her future as Queen Consort.