Kate Middleton Just Earned a Princess Diana-Like Nickname From Royal Fans

The late Princess Diana was one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. She joined the royal family in 1981 and became an icon all over the world.

Although Kate, Duchess of Cambridge never got to meet the late Princess Diana, many people still cannot help but point out similarities between the two women. In fact, Kate herself just earned a nickname that is very similar to the one that Princess Diana received from her adoring fans.

Princess Diana was called the ‘People’s Princess’

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Princess Diana had a few nicknames that she was called both in her private life and in the press. One of the most enduring ones was the “People’s Princess.”

Princess Diana earned this nickname for her dedication to humanitarian work. Many royals take on humanitarian work as well, but Princess Diana put a lot of effort into being a true humanitarian. She was a patron of over 100 different organizations with varying causes like HIV/AIDS, homelessness, disabilities, and more.

She also was very relatable to the public. Although she was a princess, she did not shy away from talking about her struggles. Additionally, she radiated warmth and care whenever she met with the people that her charities were working with.

Kate Middleton is now called the ‘Children’s Princess’

Like Princess Diana, Kate has touched the public’s heart as well. However, she did it by connecting with children and promoting causes that help youngsters’ well-being, which is why she is now called the “Children’s Princess.”

The Duchess of Cambridge has been working with family-oriented charities for years now. But she recently wowed fans when she embarked on a tour of several daycares in the U.K. to promote a national survey that will allow her to understand “the key issues affecting families and communities” across the country.

An eyewitness that one of the centers that Kate visited described the Duchess of Cambridge as “a natural” with kids, as she played and talked to them. Meanwhile, followers all over the world are giving Middleton praise on social media.

One person wrote: “I love seeing her with children. She relates well with people of all ages but with children she has a different type of glow. She clearly loves them.”

Kate Middleton has three children of her own

Perhaps it isn’t surprising to see Kate being so dedicated to taking care of kids. After all, she herself is a mother to three children: George (b. 2013), Charlotte (b. 2015), and Louis (b. 2018). There is no doubt that her kids’ well-being is constantly at the forefront of her mind.

Kate has also been praised for her parenting skills. For example, she has been known to limit her children’s screen-time and often encourages them to play outside instead. A source once shared with Us Weekly that, because Kate and her husband, Prince William, grew up without electronics, they are “firm believers in toys, outdoor play, and encouraging an active imagination.”

Additionally, Kate is a very hands-on parent and really enjoys bonding with her kids. She herself is a decent cook, so she sometimes has her children spend time in the kitchen with her. The kids help her make things such as pizza, pasta, and salad.

More importantly, the future queen-consort has also been following in Princess Diana’s footsteps and actively tries to be there emotionally for her children. Royal families are traditionally very formal, which means that there is often an emotional distance between parents and their kids.

However, Princess Diana broke away from this norm and tried to be close to her children. Kate has been doing the same as well, and it’s clear that she is not afraid to give her kids lots of hugs and let them know that they can come to her for anything.