Kate Middleton Just Gave Everyone the Prince Louis Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

Even though the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are more forthcoming than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, there’s still a lot of small details we miss hearing about their kids. Royal fans are desperate for any updates about Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, such as their hobbies, silly things they say, and adorable antics while the family is just hanging out at home.

Now royal fans have finally gotten their wish after Kate Middleton shared some heartwarming details about her younger son during a visit to Peterley Manor Farm, a Christmas tree farm in Buckinghamshire. The Duchess was clearly in a jolly Christmas spirit as she relayed small tidbits about her 18-month-old son, Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Kate Middleton might have proved she’s feeling broody again

Rumors have been swirling about the Cambridges potentially welcoming a fourth child into the family, especially after Kate Middleton said she was feeling “broody” at an event earlier this year. And her wistful exchanges continued during her Peterley Manor Farms visit when the mother-of-three spent some time interacting with an adorable little boy.

While laughing at one little event attendee trying to get her attention, the Duchess tenderly stroked his cheek and said,  “You remind me of my little Louis, he keeps saying “Me, me, me” and he wants to come everywhere with me.”

Prince Louis is apparently a little mama’s boy

That wasn’t the only update Middleton shared. While chatting, she also mentioned that her little toddler Prince Louis is walking all over the place and constantly craves Middleton’s attention. It’s probably not easy being the youngest child in such a royally famous family!

Also notable is that the young prince is talking if he’s always saying, “Me, me.” Royal followers think that this detail could indicate that Prince Louis will have a sassy personality just like his older siblings.

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton have another child?

Now that Prince Louis has firmly left babyhood behind and is a full-fledged walking, talking toddler, royal fans can’t help but speculate that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might be considering adding a fourth child to the family. Queen Elizabeth would surely approve, especially considering that she has four children herself.

But there are a few good reasons for them to stop at three. Since Duchess Kate has suffered from extreme morning sickness with each pregnancy, it might not be worth the pain of going through that another time. Apparently, Prince William can’t stand seeing his wife suffering so much during her pregnancies.

The Cambridges are naturals at parenting

Whether they decide to have a fourth baby or not, Prince William and Kate Middleton keep proving how great they are with kids, even those who aren’t their own. The Duchess’ kind, maternal energy shines through at royal visits, which makes children warm up to her and inspires her to share anecdotes about her own family at home.

It’s all just proof of why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are some of the most popular royals in the family.