Kate Middleton Just Wore $50 Sneakers to an Event — And We’re Loving It

Kate Middleton has largely been considered one of the world’s most influential women in fashion. The Duchess of Cambridge joined the royal family back in 2011, and since then, every outfit she’s worn has turned heads. Of course, as a royal, Kate wears extremely lavish outfits — sometimes worth thousands of dollars. But she’s also been known to wear budget-friendly things, too. And she was recently spotted wearing $50 sneakers.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Kate has been known to repeat outfits

The duchess has had a heavy impact on the fashion industry since marrying Prince William. It’s become known as the Kate Effect — the idea that anything the duchess wears immediately sells out (the same thing has been said for Meghan Markle, too). Though the royals are worth billions, they have been known to repeat outfits.

Kate must have a massive closet, because in 2018, she wore a dress to an event that she had previously worn in 2012. Apparently the royals have enough space in their closets to keep clothes for many years, but it didn’t take long for people to recognize the dress. Town & Country even compiled up to 70 times when Kate repeated outfits for events.

She seems to wear anything that suits her well, regardless of price

Kate doesn’t necessarily have a budget, but that doesn’t mean she only wears pricey clothing. She wears what looks good on her, regardless of price. Sometimes, the outfits are crazy expensive — she’s been spotted in dresses worth as much as $14,000. But other times, she wears clothing that’s worth less than $100.

Kate is a fashion icon.

The duchess loves Zara, and it’s her go-to for affordable outfits. She was spotted wearing a $70 dress from the brand to a charity polo match in 2018 and $50 pants to an event in 2017.

She just wore $50 Mark & Spencer sneakers to an event

Kate branched out from her usual affordable Zara and stepped out in a pair of $50 sneakers at an event on February 26. The duchess attended a SportsAid event in Stratford, United Kingdom, at the London Stadium. She was spotted running in the shoes (which might have been why she wore them in the first place), but their price tag was what really shocked people. The shoes, though originally priced at $50, were reportedly marked down to just $8 on the company’s website before Kate was spotted wearing them. It’s unclear if the price went up once she was seen in them, but either way, they probably sold out instantly.

All of the royals have been known to dress down on occasion

Though Kate has earned a reputation of repeating outfits (in a good way), other royals have been known to dress down and wear inexpensive looks, too. Specifically, Meghan Markle was spotted wearing jeans and a tank top during her tour of Africa in 2019, and she’s been known to wear some affordable looks as well. The Duchess of Sussex was once spotted in an Aritzia dress marked down to $50 and a jumpsuit that cost less than $200. It’s clear the women, though royalty, will wear whatever best suits them.