Revealed: The Real Reason Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Always Wear Their Coats Indoors

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are two very different women from different backgrounds. However, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have one very important thing in common –they are fashion icons. Though they have very different taste, Middleton and Markle always look regal, stylish, and put together. From their stunning hairstyles to their perfectly paired footwear neither one of these ladies has ever missed a beat when it comes to looking their best.

Being royal has its own set of rules and traditions even when it comes to picking out an appropriate wardrobe –even when it seems old fashioned. In fact, you might have noticed that both Middleton and Markle often keep their coats on even when they are indoors.

The real reason Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle always keep their coats on indoors

Recently while speaking at the V&A Dundee –the first design museum in Scotland — Kate Middleton kept on her checkered green and black coat. Several days later, during a visit to the City University London –Markle also kept on her black coat –allowing only her baby bump to peak through. According to royal protocol, high ranking royal women are not allowed to take off their coats in public settings. Traditionally, the royals feel that the act of removing an outermost layer of clothing in public would be considered “unladylike.”

Of course, we’ve seen both Markle and Middleton in public during the winter months without their coats. However, they have to step out of the view of the camera to remove their outerwear. While the cameras are around –they simply have to deal with being too warm or stuffy.

Royal wardrobe rules

When it comes to the royal dress code –ladies not been allowed to remove their coats certainly isn’t the most bizarre of the royal wardrobe rules. From nail polish to the perfect hat –here are some royal clothing rules both Middleton and Markle must abide by.

Hats must be worn at all formal events

There is a reason massive royal events bring out an eclectic array of hats. Women in the royal family must wear a hat or fascinator to daytime royal events. If the event is after 6 p.m., married royal women must swap out their hats for tiaras.

No colorful nail polish

Ladies must keep their nails short and painted with either clear polish or a neutral color. The Duchess of Sussex has already broken this rule. She wore a gorgeous black polish on her nails when she attended the 2018 British Fashion awards.

Pantyhose are prefered

Queen Elizabeth II very much prefers when royal women wear pantyhose –but they can certainly be a nuisance when they run or they don’t match your skin tone perfectly. Meghan Markle hasn’t always worn nylons –in fact, she was bare-legged during her Nov. 2017 engagement announcement to Prince Harry.

Weigh down those skirts

Both Markle and Middleton typically wear skirts and dresses instead of pants. However, they have to weigh down the hemlines of their dresses, so they don’t accidentally fly up and show their underpants in public.

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