Kate Middleton Might Be the Only One Capable of Saving Prince William and Prince Harry’s Relationship

It is pretty well-known that there is some tension between brothers Prince Harry and Prince William lately. Actually, we have been hearing rumors for quite some time about a royal feud.

The ironic twist is, that at first, fans originally thought that the real rift was between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Although the two duchesses barely had time to get to know each other, rumors were swirling that they just couldn’t get along.

Kate Middleton attends Shout's Crisis Volunteer Celebration Event.
Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kensington Palace repeatedly denied the rumors, and soon it was discovered that all was good between Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate. And that the real friction was between their husbands: Prince William and Prince Harry.

Prince William and Prince Harry have always been close. They grew up in the spotlight, which surely couldn’t have been easy for them, and they always had each other’s backs throughout the ups and downs of royal life. In addition, the brothers were each other’s rock when they unexpectedly lost their mother: Princess Diana.

This is why it is so heartbreaking to know that their relationship is strained, and fans are wishing that they could put everything behind them and get back to normal. Lately, it has been brought to light that Kate is completely over all the drama. Here is how the Duchess of Cambridge might be the only one capable of saving Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have one of the strongest marriages around

It is hard to believe that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been together for so many years. It seems like yesterday that they were a young couple at college, just trying to navigate their way in the world like so many others.

Over the years, they have been through so much together, and have always been there for each other. According to Insider, the couple’s body language reveals just how close they actually are, and even though they keep the details of their relationship under wraps, we can count on the fact that they are each other’s biggest fan.

They are happy in their marriage, and the way they interact not only with each other but with their three small children as well further indicates just how close they truly are.

Kate Middleton is extremely close to Prince Harry

For years, Prince Harry was the world’s most famous “third wheel.” He, Duchess Kate, and Prince William were often seen together during official engagements and events, and they were even known as the “royal trio.”

According to Grazia Daily, Duchess Kate and Prince Harry of them have a pretty close relationship. In fact, Newsweek reports that Prince Harry feels that it is so wonderful having the Duchess of Cambridge around, especially since the death of Princess Diana.

Duchess Kate is like the sister that he never had, and it seems that they have a sweet bond that is just about unbreakable. Given all of this, it is safe to say that Middleton has some influence over Prince Harry’s life. He most likely takes her advice and opinions very seriously, and she can talk to him about pretty much anything.

Kate Middleton may be the only one capable of saving Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship

Royal fans want nothing more than to see the two princes patch up their relationship, and the silver lining is that Duchess Kate may be the person who can help them do just that. According to Cosmopolitan, the Duchess of Cambridge is “over” the feud, and wants her husband and brother-in-law to put the past behind them. Given that she has so much influence over them both, she may be able to voice her opinions and help them repair the strong brotherly bond that they once had — and the one we want to see them get back.