Kate Middleton Must Become Queen In Order to Enjoy 1 Privilege Prince William Already Has

As a royal, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has already been granted many perks and privileges most common people do not have. For example, she has titles, lives in luxurious palaces, and has various expenses all paid for by the government.

However, there is one privilege Kate cannot enjoy until she becomes Queen. Interestingly, this privilege has already been granted to her husband, Prince William, since the day he was born.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Joe Giddens – WPA Pool/Getty Images

When will Kate Middleton become queen?

Although there is a lot of talk about Kate becoming Queen, she most likely will not get to that position anytime soon.

Once the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, leaves the throne, it will be William’s father, Prince Charles, who ascends. At that point, Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, will be Queen Consort.

William is next in line after his father, so he will become King after Charles either passes away or abdicates. Kate will, then, become Queen Consort when her husband is on the throne.

What privilege will Kate Middleton enjoy as queen?

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Since Kate will only be a queen consort, she will get to enjoy fewer privileges than Queen Elizabeth, who is an actual sovereign. However, Kate will be given one privilege she currently does not have: Using her first name.

Even though many people refer to Kate by her first name, the truth is that her title does not include it.

“Her formal title is HRH Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge,” constitutional expert Iain MacMarthanne said, as reported by Express.co.uk. “At no point should her own Christian name be appended to any of her royal titles as they are all derived from her husband in consequence of her marriage.”

While some people still call her “Kate” or “Duchess Kate,” this is just an informal way of referring to her and is technically incorrect.

William, on the other hand, has been allowed to use his first name in his titles ever since he was born. Before his marriage, he was known as “Prince William of Wales,” which came from his father’s title. Nowadays, he can be styled as “HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.”

Is Kate Middleton prepared to be queen?

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William has been preparing for his future role as a monarch ever since he was a child. As such, it’s likely that when Kate and William began dating in the early 2000s, Kate was aware that becoming Queen could be in her future should the two of them get married.

For many years now, Kate has been learning the ins and outs of royal life as well as what she is expected to do as a Queen Consort. She has also been taking on more royal engagements, especially since Queen Elizabeth is now in her 90s.

Royal expert Leslie Carroll believes the queen has been coaching Kate on how to support William and the whole of Great Britain when the big day finally comes.

“Being a wife and mother… is clearly front and center, and one day as the Queen Consort she will play that maternal role… to Great Britain,” Carroll explained.

Kate is currently one of the most popular royals around, so there is no doubt she will most likely get a lot of public support as Queen Consort in the future.