Royal Fans Claim Kate Middleton Is Pregnant Because of These Major Clues

Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors never seem to show signs of slowing, but one royal expert and many fans think they’ve figured out some major clues that reveal Middleton is pregnant with baby number four. Of course, in the absence of any confirmation or denial, everything is just a guess.

Kate Middleton pregnant baby no 4
Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge | Aaron Chown – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Will Middleton make a pregnancy announcement soon?

Many royal fans and the media are on the edges of their seats awaiting a pregnancy announcement from Middleton… but while they’re waiting, there’s plenty of speculation going around.

Royal expert Aranzazu Santos López thinks there are some obvious signs that Middleton is expecting, starting with the first day of school for Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Santos López told Aquí Hay Madroño: “I have two clues that make me think Kate is pregnant. We would love to see that confirmed. What are those clues? Look at these recent images of the return to school day. Look at Kate’s hair. It has a different air. Highlights or new color, we don’t know yet, but it’s lighter, like a dark blonde.”

Why is her hair a sign of pregnancy? López claims that when Middleton changes things up, “she announces that she is pregnant within a few days.”

This time, Middleton sported a slightly shorter hairstyle with lighter highlights, but when she was pregnant with Prince George in 2013, she added bangs to her style, and when she was pregnant with Prince Louis in 2017, she cut her hair shorter.

Is Middleton’s calendar another clue?

López also believes that Middleton’s calendar could be another hint, as she noted, “And I have another clue. Kate’s agenda is locked. She will take time off, which could mean she is pregnant, considering that her previous pregnancies have been complicated.”

She added: “We have to wait, but we would certainly love to confirm that she is pregnant again.”

Middleton has suffered from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancies, a form of severe morning sickness, something that she would certainly want to clear her calendar for in order to rest.

Fans weigh in

Fans think these theories could hold some weight, with one Twitter user commenting: “New hair cut is Kate pregnant again ????? she always sports a new hairstyle when she’s pregnant.”

Another fan noted: “i remember reading something that said when kate’s pregnant she changes up her hair so people look at her hair and not her stomach is baby 4 coming.”

Another Twitter user agreed, saying: “I’m not saying the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, but she’s changed her hair every time she has been pregnant…”

Did Princess Charlotte reveal her mom is pregnant?

New Idea reports that, according to a royal insider, Princess Charlotte may have “let the cat out of the bag,” as she reportedly told everyone at school that her “mummy is having another girl”.

The insider noted: “One of the teaching aides overheard Charlotte saying it and couldn’t believe her ears  — Charlotte was talking very loudly, and seemed convinced that her mummy was pregnant. It was certainly quite the bombshell to drop in her first week of school!”