Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby No 4? Royal Experts Claim She Will Make An Announcement ‘Soon’

Kate Middleton might be getting ready for another baby announcement. The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child with Prince William, and inside sources claim that the royal family will be making an announcement very soon. Here are all the signs that Middleton is expecting baby number four.

Kate Middleton Pregnant
Kate Middleton | Photo by Paul Edwards – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Middleton rocks a new look

With three children at home, Middleton is no stranger to baby rumors. She gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis, last year, and seems open to having at least one more before calling it quits.

According to Express, royal expert Santos Lopez believes there are two signs that indicate Middleton is expecting. For starters, Middleton rocked a new look while dropping off her daughter, Princess Charlotte, at school.

Kate Middleton’s hair was noticeably different during the outing and may have been recently colored. That doesn’t mean she is expecting, but in the past, Middleton has changed her look right before announcing a pregnancy. 

“Look at Kate’s hair. It has a different air. Highlights or new color, we don’t know yet, but it’s lighter, like a darker blonde,” Lopez shared. “Every time the Duchess of Cambridge changes her look, she announces that she is pregnant within a few days.”

When she was pregnant with Prince George, Middleton appeared in public with a new hairstyle. She also trimmed her hair when she was expecting Prince Louis in 2017.

It is possible that Middleton is simply going for a new look to start the fall season, but we have to admit that there is also a chance that a pregnancy announcement is right around the corner.

Did Kate Middleton clear her schedule?

Lopez also noted that Middleton has locked up her schedule for the next few months. During her first three pregnancies, Middleton suffered from severe morning sickness and will likely take some personal time during the early months of her pregnancy.

If Middleton is pregnant with her fourth child, this would explain why she has cleared her schedule. Middleton will likely be taking time off from her royal duties until the baby is born.

Bettors in the U.K. have increased the chances that Kate Middleton will make a pregnancy announcement before the year is up. Right now, the odds stand at 1 to 2 that the Cambridges will be release a statement before the start of 2020.

Prognosticators have also shortened the bets that Meghan Markle will have another child next year. Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their first child this past spring. They have not confirmed plans to expand their family, but most experts agree that they will give Archie a brother or sister sooner or later.

Body language experts weigh in on pregnancy rumors

New hairstyle and schedule aside, several body language experts also believe that Kate Middleton has been showing signs of pregnancy.

During her most recent public engagements, Middleton has been caught touching her stomach a little more than usual. According to Express, body language expert Judi James believes that Middleton might be engaging in some “bump-cupping rituals,” which are often used during pregnancy.

That said, James is not convinced that this is the reason Middleton has been rubbing her belly. As a member of the royal family, Middleton often touches her stomach while carrying a clutch or performing her traditional handclasp.

On the other hand, Middleton was caught in this pose while talking with Eugenie, who is also rumored to be expecting. This could mean that Eugenie will be the next royal to have a child, not Middleton, though only time will tell who has a baby next.

Kate Middleton adjusts to new school schedule

While we wait for more pregnancy clues, Middleton was all smiles as she dropped Charlotte off at school earlier this month. Charlotte joins her older brother, Prince George, at school this year, leaving Middleton and William at home with their newest addition, Louis.

Middleton missed George’s first day at school because she was dealing with morning sickness during Louis’s pregnancy.

William and Middleton have not commented on the latest pregnancy rumors. The pair tied the knot in a gorgeous ceremony in 2011 and have three children together. If Kate Middleton gets pregnant soon, there is a good chance that she’ll be expecting at the same time as Markle, who is also rumored to be looking to expand the family.