Kate Middleton Just Revealed the 1 Meal Her Family Absolutely Loves

Prince William and Kate Middleton might be royals, but even royals have to indulge in unhealthy meals every now and then. The royals likely keep a fairly healthy diet, but even the healthiest eaters need to let loose. And Kate recently revealed the one meal that her family loves to sit down and enjoy.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with Prince George and Princess Charlotte
Prince William and Kate Middleton with Prince George and Princess Charlotte | Christian Charisius/AFP/Getty Images

Kate’s children love to cook

This past week, Kate visited Lavender Primary School, a children’s school in England, to discuss mental health with the children. One of Kate’s patronages, Place2Be, sponsors Children’s Mental Health Week, which was the reason for Kate’s visit. While there, Kate spoke with the kids about the various ways that food and mental health go hand in hand. She also discussed her own families eating habits and revealed that George and Charlotte love to cook together. She said her two oldest children often make cheesy pasta together, and they also create salads together. It’s nice to know that her children bond in such an adorable, loving way.

Kate recently revealed that pizza is a frequent meal in their home

Although the kids enjoy making salads, there is another, less healthy meal the family eats plenty of while at home: Pizza. When Kate joined children to make pizzas at King Henry’s Walk Garden in January, she was gushing about how much she loved the cheesy meal. ““I think they’re some of the best things to make, pizzas at home,” the Duchess said, according to Us Weekly. “It’s such fun; you can choose what you can put on them — all the different toppings.” It’s likely fun for Charlotte and George too, who seem to love helping their parents out in the kitchen.  

Will, Kate, and their kids appear to love carbs

Everyone’s palate is different and nobody can relate to that statement quite like Duchess Kate and the queen. Kate and Will love carbs in their household. They make homemade pizzas together; the kids love cheesy pasta — the whole family seems to have a thing for starchy foods. However, the queen is the total opposite. Supposedly, the queen feels that foods such as pasta and rice are too starchy for a diet. She reportedly asked that the chef remove them from the menu, so you’ll never see noodles at a royal family dinner. However, when it’s just the Cambridge family enjoying a meal together, it’s likely to be a carb-filled menu.

Kate isn’t sure if the queen has ever tried pizza  

Oddly enough, there is one thing Kate doesn’t know about the queen: Whether she has ever tried pizza. While Kate was making pizzas with the children, one child asked if the queen has ever had pizza. However, Kate didn’t know how to respond — because she had no idea whether the queen had ever tried it. “You know, that’s such a good question. I don’t know,” Kate said, according to People. “I don’t know. Maybe next time I see her, shall I ask?” The queen’s former chef said that the queen is not much of a foodie so she likely has never had the cheesy dish.

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