Kate Middleton Says Her 3 Kids Have ‘Bottomless Pits,’ Plus Their Favorite Foods

There are some children who are known to be picky eaters and some that have appetites that are absolutely insatiable. We have often heard parents wondering out loud why they can’t get their child to eat, or why he or she will only eat one or two types of food.

For others, it may make sense that the kids can’t seem to get enough. After all, children expend an incredible amount of energy during the course of the day, so it should be expected that they need to fuel up on a pretty regular basis.

Kate Middleton leaves 2016 Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When it comes to the younger members of the royal family, behind all the glitz and glamour of their lives, they are definitely more typical than most people may actually realize. The Cambridge kids, the children of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, are a perfect example of this, since, over the years, we have seen them running around and playing, and even throwing the occasional public tantrum.

Now, at least when it comes to their eating habits, we are discovering that they are more like our own children than we ever realized. It has been revealed that Kate says her three kids have “bottomless pits”. Let’s take a look.

Kate Middleton and her children

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It seems that Kate and Prince William have the perfect family of five. Kate is the future queen consort, having met Will back in their college days at the University of Saint Andrews.

The couple married in 2011, and Kate officially became a member of the British royal family. It was a few years later that they welcomed their first son, Prince George, who, like his father, is in the direct line of succession.

George Alexander Louis was born in 2013, and two years later, his younger sister, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana arrived. In 2018, William and Kate celebrated the birth of their third child, another son. His name is Prince Louis Arthur Charles, and just about everyone can agree that the Cambridge kids are as adorable as can be.

A royal approach to parenting

Although they were born into the world’s most famous family, chances are that the Cambridge kids aren’t really aware of just how well-known that they are. Prince William and Kate have a specific approach to parenting, and Prince George supposedly hasn’t even been told that he will one day take the throne as king.

Kate and Prince William are pretty set on giving their children as normal of an upbringing as possible. They don’t get special treatment at school, for example, and they have friends and playdates just like any other children their ages do.

Kate, as well as the children’s nanny, has even been known to take the kids to the park, where they love to run around and have as much fun as they can.

Kate Middleton says her 3 kids have ‘bottomless pits’

Perhaps the Cambridge kids are all going through growth spurts, or maybe they just appreciate good food, but either way, Kate says that her kids have “bottomless pits.” According to Hello! Magazine, the Cambridge kids have pretty hearty appetites, as Kate revealed recently in an interview.

So, what do the kids like to munch on at meal and snack times? Well, the Duchess of Cambridge said that the youngest, Prince Louis, absolutely loves beetroot. The children also enjoy a good plate of cheesy pasta, and of course, pizza.

According to Kate, the kids are fans of vegetables, so we can imagine that she is pretty happy about that. Looks like Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis enjoy eating things that most other kids their age enjoy, and we are so happy to hear that Kate and Prince William don’t have to struggle at mealtimes.