Kate Middleton Scolded Prince William for Forgetting Princess Charlotte

After five months at home, Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge‘s children have returned to school. Prince George and Princess Charlotte had some extended family time with their parents and baby brother, Prince Louis, but now everyone is back to their new normal.

Amid quarantine, it appears that the little Cambridges have garnered new interests. We knew that they enjoy playing outside, doing crafts, and cooking with their mother, but this new fascination is pretty out of the box.

In fact, Kate recently scolded Prince William for forgetting to include Princess Charlotte as they chatted at a royal visit about her new favorite activity. Apparently it’s something that the princess and her youngest brother, Prince Louis, can’t get enough of.

Inside the Cambridge siblings dynamic

Though they are raising their children in the spotlight, the Cambridges have been adamant about giving their children normal childhoods. Though their live-in nanny is there to lend a helping hand, the duke and duchess are very hands-on parents with their three little ones.

Prince George is generally more reserved than his younger siblings who are both reportedly outgoing and adventurous. However, three of the siblings get along well.  A royal insider told People,

George is more reserved, and Charlotte is more outgoing because [George is] the heir and one day he might be king. It’s the same difference between William and [his brother]. Harry is much more laid-back and William is the more serious one because he will be king one day.

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Princess Charlotte is very outgoing

Princess Charlotte has always been outgoing, even showcasing her cheeky side to the press and the public by sticking out her tongue during a royal outing last year. Her zest for life and exploration is something Prince Louis also has. Royal expert Katie Nicholl told OK! Magazine,

Louis loves his older brother and sister and always tries to follow them. He talks a lot now and is holding on. He has quite an outgoing personality from what I was told. He is certainly not shy.

Though her little brother is outgoing, it’s Princess Charlotte who looks after her older brother. During a royal outing one day, Queen Elizabeth met two small children who mirrored her grandchildren’s personalities. A source  told Town & Country,

The queen was implying that Charlotte keeps an eye out for George rather than the other way around. It is often the case that a younger child is more confident. It is the second child syndrome.

Prince William forgot Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton scolded him for it

During a recent visit at an employment assistance agency, the Cambridges chatted with Lloyd Graham, a manager at construction company Keltbray. The trio began chatting about a demolition.

Prince William pipped in about his children’s fascination with destruction. “The children, especially Louis would love to come and watch that, to see the diggers, they love it,” Prince William commented via People. Kate gently scolded him saying, “Don’t forget Charlotte! She’d love it too.”

We’d love to see the kiddos excitement about seeing a demolition.