Kate Middleton Supported Brother James’ Mental Health Battle in the Most Powerful Way

Most siblings have a special bond that in most cases, is pretty much unbreakable. Kate Middleton may have started out as a commoner before marrying into one of the most famous families on the planet, but that certainly does not stop her from being extremely close to her brother, James, and her sister, Pippa Middleton Matthews.

In fact, judging from what we have seen, the entire Middleton family is on very good terms with the royal family.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married, Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole, were in attendance, as were both of her siblings. Over the years, we have seen Kate bonding with James and Pippa, proving that their relationship remains strong.

Recently, Kate’s younger brother James opened up about his depression. As we would expect, the Duchess of Cambridge is definitely making time in her busy schedule to be there when her brother needs her.

So, how did Kate Middleton support James’ mental health battle in the most powerful way?

Were Kate and James Middleton always close?

Kate Middleton feeding a dog a treat
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Back in 2011, Kate’s life changed drastically when she married Prince William and became a member of the royal family. The future queen had a pretty typical upbringing in the Village of Bucklebury, Berkshire, England, in a modest home.

Although she attended fancy private schools, her life was nothing close to what it is now. Before meeting William, Kate had no ties to royalty and didn’t come from a famous family. According to E! Online, she was always close to James, even as a child.

The Middleton family had daily routines that they didn’t stray from, such as eating dinner together each night, and it is things like that which likely instilled family values into Kate, James, and Pippa.

Now that they are all adults, they still remain the best of friends.

James Middleton opens up about depression

When Kate married Prince William, her entire family suddenly found themselves in the spotlight. Everyone knew who the Middleton family was, and although they weren’t photographed nearly as much as Kate, they still became recognizable to millions of people.

For years, members of the public didn’t know about James’ battle with depression. Although this is something that millions of people live with, James has always been very quiet and has always kept details of his personal life under wraps — until now.

Daily Mail reports that the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge shared that his depression recently spiraled out of control and that he was diagnosed with ADD. Apparently, fans weren’t the only ones who were kept in the dark, as James even kept this hidden from his entire family.

He said that he felt like a “failure,” but recently decided to talk openly about what he was going through. It was then that James finally felt like he was healing, and now, he embraces life like never before.

Kate Middleton supported brother James’ mental health battle in the most powerful way

So, how was it that Kate lent her support to her brother and helped him through one of the toughest times of his life?

According to People, she did so by attending therapy with him in order to show her love and understanding.

James admits that his depression was pretty severe, to the point where he was even having trouble sleeping. Kate’s brother spend significant time in therapy and often invited his family members to attend along with him.

We think it is just wonderful that Kate is such an amazing sister who supported her younger brother at this difficult time.