Kate Middleton Was ‘Horrified’ by Meghan Markle’s ‘Foot-Stamping Rant’ at Her Staff, Source Claims

There have been past reports about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s behavior towards palace staff, but one royal author claims there was an incident where Meghan had a “foot-stamping rant” that left Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge “horrified.”

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in the Royal Box on Centre Court during day twelve of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships
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Meghan reportedly felt like a staff member disrespected her

Tom Quinn, author of the book Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle, shared a source’s recollection of Meghan losing her temper with a staff member.

An excerpt from the book published in the Daily Mail revealed how servants at Kensington Palace shared inside stories about all the goings-on inside the palace walls, including “the real reasons why Prince Harry’s wife Meghan fell out with his brother’s wife, Kate.”

“When Meghan first moved into Harry’s cottage in the Kensington Palace grounds, Kate had been welcoming and both couples had got on well,” Quinn wrote.

“Kate is actually one of the nicest royals, and she hasn’t let life in her extremely grand apartment at Kensington go to her head — or at least not too much,” a palace insider explained to the book’s author.

“She is nice to her staff, in the main, and she was very warm towards Meghan when she arrived,” the source noted. “But tensions were bound to arise because Meghan inevitably had to accept that, although she is a duchess, she is not married to the next king. I think she has found that difficult to deal with.”

Meghan reportedly shouted and stomped her feet

Quinn further shared a former servant’s story of Meghan shouting at a staff member. “Kate was horrified when Meghan shouted at a member of Kate’s staff — that was definitely the beginning of discussions about leaving Kensington Palace,” the insider explained.

Quinn shared more details with Daily Star Online, including how Meghan felt like she was “second place.” The incident was reportedly the result of Meghan feeling disrespected by the staffer.

“So when Harry and Will got together and sometimes Meghan and Kate as well, because there was this tension occasionally, famously Meghan slightly lost her temper with a member of Kate’s staff in front of Kate,” he explained.

Quinn continued, “And it was that incident, that I was told by someone who was actually there, who said it was really uncomfortable because Meghan just lost it with this person.”

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Why did Meghan lose her temper?

“The reason she lost it with Kate’s member of staff was that she, Meghan, didn’t feel that this person was giving her the sort of attention she deserved,” the author shared. “It was almost as if in that one encounter, it encapsulated for Meghan the problem that she had, that she’s a Princess and she’s number two.”

Quinn remarked that Meghan’s transition from a celebrity to the royal family, where her status dropped a bit in comparison to Kate, did not sit well with her.

“The way it was described to me was, there were raised voices and foot-stamping,” he said of the incident, which was sparked by Meghan being told the staff member couldn’t fulfill her request because they worked for Kate.

“And Meghan really felt she had been slightly put in her place, because if you become a Princess you kind of assume that staff, when you ask them to do something, they are going to do it,” Quinn explained.

The whole scene didn’t go over well with Kate, who was left “horrified.”

“She was really upset because she’s very fond of this particular member of staff and she thought that Meghan almost bowling out this person was just completely unacceptable,” he noted.

Meghan’s behavior, according to Quinn, is a result of how “she’s very sensitive about not being treated with the same respect that she feels Kate is” and “can react badly and doesn’t take it lying down” as a result.