Kate Middleton’s Biggest Clue Yet That She Isn’t Pregnant With a Fourth Child

We’ve seen plenty of evidence over the last decade that Prince William and Kate Middleton initially wanted to have as many kids as possible. The same is true of Harry and Meghan, though they’ve only just begun if not knowing the realities of dealing with multiple pregnancies.

One has to wonder if Meghan really wants to emulate Kate considering latter has been pregnant practically non-stop over the last six years. That’s a lot to go through, yet they’ve expressed interest in having more beyond George, Charlotte, and Louis.

Even if it’s not realistic, royal fans want to keep putting rumors out there Kate is once again pregnant. Some new clues have popped up to prove this adamant theory wrong.

What started the idea Kate had a fourth child on the way?

Whenever there’s just slight evidence of a royal gaining a little weight, the rumors shoot out of a cannon. Most of the rumors started when Kate was seen with what appeared to be a slight belly bump back in February.

In Touch magazine is the culprit in trying to spread these rumors, despite other royal gossip watchers immediately quashing the story. Many wonder if the initial photo (taken in Northern Ireland) was digitally altered to spread the pregnancy rumors. Considering other photos from the same day show Kate with a flat stomach, it’s clear she isn’t really pregnant.

Other pics taken in early March also show her looking very skinny, proving the royal baby fever is overly adamant in creating their own fantasy.

Further evidence proving there isn’t any pregnancy

The most logical and latest piece of evidence is Kate celebrating St. Patrick’s Day recently with the Irish Guards. William was by her side, and they both were seen enjoying a tall pint of beer to celebrate.

We all know the Duchess wouldn’t be drinking beer if expecting for three months. However, we can see why she’s drinking up this year. Last year at this time, she was pregnant with Louis, disallowing any sip of alcohol then or several times before going back to 2012. It’s not to say she hasn’t enjoyed drinking various libations (in moderation) in the years before and in-between her pregnancies.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton is no stranger to beer | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Her happiness and relief from finally not being an expectant mother is more than evident in the photos of her drinking with the guards in Ireland.

All this obsession with Kate being pregnant will hopefully dissipate once Meghan gives birth, or until the real thing maybe happens again for the former.

Do Kate and William really want more kids?

We’ve reported before about the health dangers Kate Middleton might face if she does become pregnant a fourth time. Both she and William aren’t going to go into another pregnancy carelessly, which should give every clue in the world.

Their interest in having a fourth child is well-noted, however. Should such a thing happen before Kate turns 40, would they consider a surrogate to make sure it’s done safely?

One can only hope Kate has the final say on whether another royal child should make an entrance in the world. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems pointless to have a fourth child naturally when it could endanger the life of the Duchess of Sussex.

Don’t the royals have enough heirs?

With George, Charlotte, and Louis in the mix, there’s clearly enough royal children to make the future of the royals more than interesting. Once Meghan likely has as many children, there might be more than what’s needed for future royal succession.

Then again, we don’t blame Kate for having the desire to have another child. Clearly, they do bring joy to everyone, especially if you have the means to raise them well.

Also, with Charlotte being the only female heir, you have to think Kate wonders if it would benefit her daughter to have a little sister in tow.