Kate Middleton’s Brother James Middleton Reveals Another Royal Divide

James Middleton may be the brother of the Duchess of Cambridge, but the two live completely different lives from one another. In a recent interview, Kate Middleton’s brother opened up about his struggles living under Kate’s shadow, revealing yet another division within the ranks of the royal family.

James Middleton
James Middleton | Photo by Jens Kalaene/picture alliance via Getty Images

James Middleton admits life has been difficult

In his interview, James opened up about the added pressures he faced once Kate married Prince William, who will inherit the crown someday. James revealed that his entire life was put under the microscope, and the media quickly judged his successes and failures at every turn. Because of the extra attention, James has tried hard to separate himself and his businesses from the royals, a task that has proved almost impossible over the years.

“I lead a separate life to them. If there’s interest in me, great. If there’s interest in me because of them, that’s different,” James shared.

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Despite all the outside pressures, James will continue to be himself in the business world. According to Express, James currently owns and operates a company called Boomf, which specializes in marshmallows. He used to own a cake store as well, though it has since closed its doors. As far as his business life is concerned, James is determined to keep up his creativity no matter what the rest of the world thinks.

Inside James Middleton’s struggles with depression

This is not the first time James has opened up about his personal difficulties. A few months ago, James discussed his struggles with depression and was praised for talking about his inner demons. James admitted that the illness was “crippling” to his personal life and would sometimes keep him in bed for days on end. He also did not understand why he was depressed but felt as though something was missing.

Fortunately, James got the help he needed and is now in a much better place. In fact, James revealed that he feels like he did when he was a teenager and is once again excited about what tomorrow may bring. While he is feeling better about himself, it does not sound like James enjoys the added attention that comes with being related to a member of the royal family.

Kate Middleton’s brother has cargo bike stolen

Apart from his personal struggles, James also made headlines this month after his cargo bike was stolen. James Middleton used the cargo bike to tote around his beloved dogs. Following the theft, James took to social media and pleaded for the safe return of the e-bike, which was designed for him by a company named Babboe. James revealed that his dogs were devastated by the theft and shared a photo of them riding in the cart.

James says that police are looking at CCTV to find clues about who may have lifted the bike. He also told his followers that if the post hit 15,000 likes, he would donate a sizable amount of money to a local animal shelter called the Battersea Cat and Dog home. So far, James Middleton’s post has reached 28,000 like, far exceeding his goal. Unfortunately, it does not seem like the cargo bike was ever returned to James.

The Middleton family celebrates a milestone

Although they are somewhat divided when it comes to the royal family, Kate and James recently celebrated the 70th birthday of their father, Michael Middleton. Also present at the festivities were Michael’s wife, Carole Middleton, and their other daughter, Pippa Middleton. Kate also brought along her three children — Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis — and Pippa was joined by her son, Arthur. The birthday party happened a week after the couple celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary.

Although they tend to remain out of the spotlight, Carole and Michael have been spotted at royal events in the past. As royal watchers will recall, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invited Carole and Michael to their wedding at St. George’s Chapel last year. They also attended the union of Thomas Kingston and Lady Gabriella Windsor in recent months.

Kate has not commented about her relationship with James Middleton or his recent remarks about the royal family. The Duchess of Cambridge wed William in a gorgeous ceremony in 2011 and shares three children with the Duke.