Kate Middleton’s Checkered Coat Is a Fall Fashion Must-Have — Here’s How You Can Get It!

It is really no secret that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge always looks fashionable and put together. From her stunning outfits to her perfect blowout, the Duchess of Cambridge has proven over the years that she knows what fashion is all about.

Whenever Kate makes an appearance, it seems that she somehow manages to choose the perfect outfit for whatever the occasion is, and more often than not, details of what she wears become headline news. Shortly after joining the royal family, her sense of style became known as the “Kate Middleton Effect,” with fans clamoring to copy looks such as the future queen’s wedding gown design and even the jewelry that she is seen wearing.

During a recent appearance, the duchess managed to turn heads once again in a look that has millions of fans talking. Kate’s checkered coat is a fall fashion must-have, and here is how you can get it.

Kate Middleton has always been a fashion muse

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As one of the best-dressed women in the world, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that Kate caught the eye of Prince William when she walked in a charity fashion show back in her college days. While royal fans would fully expect the future queen consort to have a spectacular wardrobe, Kate somehow manages to take this to an entirely new level.

This more than explains why the things that she wears sell out almost instantly, and that Kate manages to start new trends all the time. Even the ensembles that she is seen in when she is off-duty are loved by fans, such as the casual blue dress that she wore while watching Prince William in a polo match.

Since joining the royal family, Kate has become a fashion icon, garnering massive amounts of attention in lovely coat dresses, breathtaking gowns, and even the occasional casual outfit

The Duchess of Cambridge’s checkered coat is a Fall fashion must-have

The Duchess of Cambridge visited students at the University of Derby in a checkered coat.
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in a checkered coat. | Arthur Edwards/Getty Images

Now that the lockdown has been lifted, Kate is back to making in-person appearances, and her latest look definitely hits the mark. It was during a recent visit to the University of Derby to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic that the duchess wore an oversized, checkered coat that may very well be one of the most talked-about pieces this season.

The coat, which she wore over a pale-blue sweater, was by Massimo Dutti, and Kate paired the piece with black, high-waisted pants and matching high-heeled shoes. The end result was the perfect Autumn look that fans couldn’t get enough of.

Everyone is wondering how they can once again duplicate Kate’s amazing style. Looking to get your hands on the same one? Head to the designer’s website, where the coat is available for just under $400.

The look is a Fall trend, and there are affordable alternatives

There is no doubt that Kate’s outfit comes with a pretty hefty price tag, but that doesn’t have to stop anyone from being able to dress like a future queen. More affordable alternatives are available, and they look just as wonderful as the coat that Kate wore.

So, where can fans look when they want to get a coat just like the Duchess of Cambridge, but for less money? This version is just as attractive but won’t set you back nearly as much as Kate’s will. Also, consider this coat by H&M, which is sure to be a huge seller this season.

It is absolutely great to know that you can still wear a royally classic fall trend without having to worry about the cost. Looks like Kate managed to pull together another look that is sure to be worn by fans all over the world for the rest of the season.