Kate Middleton’s Favorite Dessert Recipe Revealed! Former Chef Share Duchess of Cambridge’s Sticky Toffee Pudding

Everyone has their favorite go-to desserts, even Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Although Kate definitely watches what she eats and remembers to stay active in order to maintain her envious figure, there are times when she knows that she has earned the right to indulge in a sweet treat.

As the future queen consort, Kate has access to palace chefs in order to create some of the most mouthwatering desserts that anyone could possibly imagine. But the truth of the matter is that she is a whiz in the kitchen and is known to whip up some amazing things herself.

When it comes to desserts, we have to say that Kate really has her priorities straight. She is someone who certainly appreciates good food, it only makes sense that some of her favorite recipes are absolutely delicious.

Now, a former chef is sharing a dessert recipe that the duchess loves. Let’s take a closer look at Kate’s favorite sticky toffee pudding.

Who is Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

There is no denying the fact that Kate is one of the most famous people in the entire world. Known as a “commoner,” she met and fell in love with Prince William when they were both students at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland, and the two of them, along with some other students, all shared an apartment as undergraduates.

Town & Country reports that in their college days, it was the young prince who used to create dishes in the kitchen to impress his girlfriend, whipping up some spaghetti sauce for her to enjoy. These days, Kate is the one who prepares the meals, something that she truly enjoys and is pretty good at as well.

So, does Prince William ever step into the kitchen at all? According to Kate, he does on occasion. Apparently, he has a knack for whipping up delicious breakfast recipes and before ever even meeting Kate, he made a chicken paella that was simply to die for.

What are some of Kate’s favorite foods?

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The duchess loves to cook, and she sure knows what she likes. Kate is known for growing her own vegetables and the recipes that she makes are as tasty as can be.

Hello! Magazine reports that she loves to make curry, and also, that baking is a passion. Whenever someone in the family has a birthday, they can always count on Kate to bake a scrumptious cake, complete with homemade icing.

What else does she love to eat? Sushi is a favorite, as is lamb, and plenty of vegetarian dishes. One of the things Kate is best at is chutney, which she famously gave to the queen as a gift on her first Christmas with the royal family.

Even with all of this delicious food, the duchess knows that she has to enjoy it all in moderation. She makes sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in her daily diet and snacks on healthy, raw foods that are full of nutrients.

Kate Middleton’s favorite dessert recipe

There are so many things that Kate enjoys eating, but what is her favorite? A former chef says that her favorite dessert is actually a sticky toffee pudding.

According to Delish, the duchess loves the sweet creation, which is made with chopped dates coated with baking soda to make the base for the dessert. The chef also uses a cake batter made from scratch with eggs, butter, and flour, and melted Muscovado sugar for the glaze.

After steaming everything on high heat, he adds cream and sauce, with the end result being a royally delicious pudding fit for a future queen.