Kate Upton Gave Justin Verlander Final Say on Their Baby’s Name

The couple in their rehearsal dinner red attire

Kate Upton trusted Justin Verlander with naming their baby | Justin Verlander via Instagram

As the world knows, Kate Upton and her husband, Justin Verlander, recently welcomed a healthy baby girl. Now, 10 weeks old, baby Genevieve is a delight to both of her parents. However, unlike most couples who spend time debating on a baby name and don’t make anything official until they are both in agreement, this was not necessarily the case with Upton and Verlander.

Did Upton or Verlander ultimately decided on the name ‘Genevieve’?

Fans are wondering which of the parents decided on the beautiful and feminine name, Genevieve, that the couple decided to give their beautiful baby daughter. Well, as it turns out, there was a lot of debating when it came to the little girl’s moniker, with Justin having second thoughts. Although Kate was, and of course, still is a fan of “Genevieve,” it was Justin who made the final decision that this is what they would call their new baby.

Why did Kate and Justin choose a traditional name?

It has long been a celebrity tradition to choose less than conventional names for newborn babies. From names like North West to Blue Ivy, it seems that unusual names are all the rage in Hollywood. The more exotic, the better. However, Kate and Justin went their own way with a traditional name that has been adored for years and isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Genevieve was given “Upton” as her middle name and “Verlander” as her last name, representing both her parents.

Justin’s note to Kate

In a sweet gesture to his wife, Justin offered some sentimental words to Kate, expressing his love and adoration for her. He wasn’t shy about letting the world know how lucky he is to be married to the woman of his dreams, and how he looks forward to the rest of their lives together.

How is Kate losing the baby weight?

Like most new moms, Kate is doing her best to shed the additional pounds she gained throughout her pregnancy. So what is she doing to get her figure back? She is open about saying it hasn’t been easy, but she gets her cardio in whenever possible with a walk on the beach with her husband and new baby daughter. She also meets with her trainer a few times a week to get in her strength training. Although she hasn’t been religiously counting calories, Kate tends to reach for foods that are as healthy as possible.

So will Kate and Justin have more kids?

Now that the first baby is here for the couple, fans are eager to know when they can expect the arrival of a second baby. Kate tells fans that while plans to add to the family are not yet underway, she is not opposed to more babies at some time in the future. This makes perfect sense since the first-time mom is surely focusing all of her attention on her new daughter, and needs some time before expanding her brood.

How is Kate adjusting to motherhood?

While Kate is head over heels about Genevieve, she admits that adjusting to motherhood is a challenge. She loves catering to every need of her daughter, yet she does long for some alone time when she can regroup and get in some much-needed relaxation time. While she does love getting out of the house from time to time, Kate says that she starts to miss her baby as soon as she leaves home, and can’t wait to return!

Congratulations to the Upton-Verlander family!