Kate Walsh Wants to Shake Up the Secret Society of Menopause

Actress Kate Walsh wants to shatter the hushed whispers surrounding menopause. It’s part of her effort to bring more awareness so that women can stop suffering in silence.

Walsh, who went through menopause early at age 39, says now that her friends are entering menopause, they all ask each other what to do about side effects like hot flashes or muscle aches. “It’s just kind of shocking how little conversation there is in the culture at large about this time in a woman’s life,” Walsh told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “If you go to your doctor’s office and they have very limited options.”

Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh | Efren Landaos/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

She adds that women then worry that their only choice is hormone replacement therapy or their hair will start falling out. “But that’s not the truth. I mean my friends call me and it’s like this secret society. Like what are you doing?

You don’t have to deprive yourself to stay lean in menopause

Walsh says she doesn’t work out for hours on end or starve herself to maintain her lean physique. “I’m into diet and exercise obviously but I’m not like militant about that,” she shares. “I’m really into good high fat but I’m also not a stranger to French fries or potato chips.”

“Most of the time I try to eat well just because I feel better,” she continues. “But again I’m half Italian so I love to eat. I find that if I try to deprive myself of certain foods it backfires and I end up like eating twice that amount.” She also incorporates a lower impact but extremely challenging workout into her daily routine. “For me, it’s about joint health and bone health. So I do ballet. You know it’s pink leotards and skirts. So part of it is just like dressing like a ballerina. That’s if I’m being totally honest,” she laughs.

Sleep and meditation play a big role in her overall health and wellbeing too. She laughs about how “getting sleep” or meditating sounds boring and cliche, but insists it makes a considerable difference.

“Meditation really is a big one for that no matter how much I sleep or don’t sleep, I can always meditate,” Walsh shares. “I swear you know the whole principle behind meditation is myriad effects, like positive effects for the body and mind. But it really does give your organs and everything a chance to sort of rest and detox. I’m also a big fan of water. I have a giant water bottle I carry with me everywhere. I usually lose it once every two weeks, usually on an airplane.”

But what if you are dealing with the effects of menopause?

Walsh acknowledges lack of sleep may accompany menopause. Many women experience “night sweats but also just lack of sleep or waking up at 2 in the morning or 4 in the morning,” she says. “So as much as I’d love to espouse getting a good solid night’s sleep, eight hours ideally at least for me, I need that, still most of us are under slept.”

Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh |  Courtesy of EQUELLE

Many women deal with sudden hot flashes and muscle pains from menopause. Yet they feel as though they have no options other than medications or simply “dealing” with it because conversations are so limited around a transition that every woman encounters in life. That’s why Walsh is so excited to partner with EQUELLE, a plant-based, non-hormonal supplement to address the myriad of menopause symptoms.

She shared she’s really into natural supplements so to incorporate EQUELLE into her routine was thrilling. “The active ingredient is plant-based and bonds to our estrogen receptors in our bodies. It takes a good four weeks to start feeling the effects but it will help with heat and the muscle aches that come with menopause.”

She’s also part of the #LiveHotStayCool conversation through EQUELLE. She says the more women who share their stories, the less mysterious menopause will ultimately become. “We’re really excited about getting women activated and going to the website and using the hashtag #LiveHotStayCool to share their stories. Because it feels good to talk about it and having that connectivity.”