Katherine McPhee Is Getting Trolled For Copying Kim Kardashian in a Cringeworthy Way

Katharine McPhee is a singer best known for being the runner-up on American Idol in 2006. Since then, she has been releasing plenty of music and even acted in many TV shows and movies.

However, McPhee recently made headlines for something other than her career: The 35-year-old star posted a photo that attracted a lot of attention, though some people did not take it too well.

Katharine McPhee posted a bikini photo and claims her husband posted it

Katharine McPhee arrives at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Patron of the Artists Awards 2017.
Katherine McPhee | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Last week, McPhee took to Instagram to share a sexy picture of herself in a bikini. She was in the Maldives and wearing Zimmerman swimsuit that reportedly costs $270.

McPhee added a witty caption to her post: “David posted this while playing games on my phone. Not sure why or how he chose it but I’m not complaining.”

David refers to McPhee’s husband, David Foster, whom she recently tied the knot with. McPhee and Foster first met in 2006 when she was on American Idol and Foster was on the show as a mentor. They spent a long time being friends and denying that there was anything romantic about them. Reports of them dating began surfacing in 2017 and they eventually married in June of 2019.

Katharine McPhee’s accidental post reminded fans of an old Kim Kardashian post

McPhee’s caption might seem a bit confusing to some fans, as it makes no sense for her grown husband to post without her consent. It’s also oddly reminiscent of an old post shared by Kim Kardashian.

In 2015, Kardashian shared a picture of herself in a bikini with a caption that said her young daughter was the one who posted it: “North posted this on IG while playing games on my phone. Not sure why or how she chose it but I’m not complaining RP.”

Many fans did not believe that North West had anything to do with it, though Kardashian herself has always maintained that her daughter messes around in her social media accounts all the time and really did post that photo.

Some fans are trolling Katharine McPhee for her picture

The responses to McPhee’s photo was not all that positive. Some followers found her caption blaming her husband to be ridiculous.

“Why would a 60 year old man being playing games on your phone,” one follower said. “Just own it. You look good and posted a pic.”

Others didn’t mind her great pic ā€” McPhee looks wonderful ā€” and wished she’d own up to posting it.

Another person commented: “You look great but be real… this is obviously NOT an accident.”

While it’s unclear whether McPhee’s caption was a hat tip to Kardashian or an attempt to emulate her, other fans weren’t interested.

“No disrespect but the only thing you have in common with Kim K is you’re both female,” someone else posted.

Katharine McPhee is actually a big fan of the Kardashians

It’s clear that some people are defending Kardashian because it feels like McPhee was making fun of her. However, what a lot of folks might not know is that McPhee herself is actually a huge fan of Kardashian’s family, and she has been very open about her love for them.

“I love the Kardashians, I enjoy their show,” she once told Ocean Drive magazine. “I think some of the images they are constantly putting out are a part of their brand, like constant perfection. I think that they actually are pretty deep thinking, feeling people that have to deal with their issues and lives in their own ways.”

There was even a time when McPhee wanted to seriously be friends with Khloe Kardashian, though the latter did not seem to return the interest.

McPhee shared: “I have legitimately tried to be Khloe’s friend, and she hasn’t rejected me, I think she switched her email.”