Kathie Lee Gifford Comments on Hoda Kotb Manning The ‘Today Show’ Desk On Her Own: ‘I Feel So Bad’

Former Today Show co-host Kathie Lee Gifford is thriving after putting down roots in Nashville, Tennessee. The television personality has a full plate with several writing, directing, and music projects going on simultaneously.

Though she may no longer be near the the NBC set, Gifford keeps a close eye on her good pal and former colleague Hoda Kotb, who has been solo at the news desk for weeks due to the coronavirus crisis. Gifford recently shared her thoughts on how her dear friend is holding down the fort.

Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford of the 'Today Show'
Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford of the ‘Today Show’ | Nathan Congleton/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

Former ‘Today’ star has a packed schedule

In an interview with E! News, Gifford spoke of her current task list which includes several films and a business partnership with her son.

“I’m producing with my son, Cody, certain movies,” the former Today co-host shared. “I was just on the phone yesterday with Roma Downey—we’re producing something together. I’m doing another movie for Hallmark.”

It doesn’t end there for the former NBC star, where Gifford is also composing music and pursuing her passion projects that focus on faith.

“Writing these oratorios that I believe are bringing the bible stories to life for people who think that the bible has no relevance,” Gifford explained of her work. “It’s the most relevant book ever written and more so than ever today when you understand it in its original source material, its original context; what it actually says, not what bad translations say.”

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Kathie Lee Gifford gives a shout out to Hoda Kotb

With the majority of the Today Show team reporting from home due to quarantine guidelines, Kotb has been going solo at the news desk each morning. Gifford commented on her former colleagues dealing with the ‘new normal.’

“I was FaceTiming with Hoda just the other morning around 6 in the morning. She hadn’t gone on air yet,” Gifford shared. “She’s the only person in Studio 1A. And then she turns it around and it’s on Anthony, one of my favorite cameramen. And he had COVID really bad. And my heart just leapt that he was good, he was fine, he was healthy and he was back at work.”

Gifford revealed that the idea of Studio 1A being so empty was unfathomable to her. “It just buzzed constantly with excitement and people and energy,” she recalled of her former workplace, adding that she wishes she could help out her friend. “I just thought ‘Oh my gosh, I feel so bad.’ I feel like I’m letting Hoda down, although Jenna’s [Bush Hager] there, but she’s at home with her children.”

The singer-songwriter praised her pal and emphatically stated that Kotb should be recognized for her selfless effort.

“Hoda decided to be there in the studio,” Gifford said. “And if they don’t give her a doggone Emmy from what she’s done… Nobody’s ever deserved it more than that woman deserves it this past six weeks. Everybody’s working hard.”

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Former ‘Today’ co-host is living her best life

While she misses her Today Show family, Gifford has been fulfilling many dreams she had put on hold. Since exiting the morning news program in April 2019, Gifford is appreciating the little things she doesn’t have to do anymore.

“I don’t have the schedule I once had,” she told E! News. “I don’t have to get up every morning and get in a car and drive that whatever it was every day into New York City—which only got harder and harder to do because the same potholes I’ve been paying taxes over for 40 years are still there.”

Though getting a seat on Today is a coveted spot, Gifford confessed she had other goals. “I know people go, ‘How could you leave your dream job?’ And I go, ‘I never said it was my dream job!'” she revealed. “I wanted to be a singer and an actress all my life.”

Now Gifford is clearly living the dream with her bounty of new ventures.

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