Kathy Griffin Celebrates Her Cameo In ‘You’ on Netflix

After spending years on the “D” list, comedian Kathy Griffin ultimately hit the “A” list only to plummet to the blacklist.

Griffin is an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and created a video where she held up a mask of Trump covered in ketchup. The video went viral, which put Griffin on Secret Service’s radar and nearly destroyed her lengthy career as a comedian.

Kathy Griffin attends the official opening of Paula Abdul's Flamingo Las Vegas residency "Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl" at The Cromwell Las Vegas
Kathy Griffin attends the official opening of Paula Abdul’s Flamingo Las Vegas residency “Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl” at The Cromwell Las Vegas | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

She recounted in her wild ride in her new documentary, Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story about the now-infamous video and the horrific fallout that occurred almost instantaneously after. Despite her apology and being heavily tracked by the White House, Griffin could not land a job in Hollywood for several months. She finally embarked upon an international tour, being detained at nearly every airport along the way. She seems to be fighting her way back into comedy-lovers’ hearts. First, she sold out a number of venues throughout the United States. And now she is featured in a cameo on the hit Netflix series, You season 2.

She enjoyed working on the show

Although she only makes a brief appearance, Griffin seems humbled and warmed by the cast and crew from You. She shared a recent story about her appearance and tweeted. “Thank you to the cast and crew of #YOUSEASON2 ! Every single person was so nice to me. So professional. It was a joy!”

Griffin also shared a fun photo with You star Penn Badgley. “He’s making ME laugh for publicity pics.” Fans reacted positively about Griffin’s comeback. “Kathy! I hope you know what a powerful bit of representation you are for girls and women. You have not only not backed down but you have come back THRIVING. It’s so important. I thank you for your bravery and tenacity,” one fan wrote in Griffin’s repost of the article on Instagram.

She also promoted You season 2 before it hit Netflix on December 26. “Omg. There’s such a sweet, juicy story about how I got this delicious little scene. @GBerlanti #YOUSEASON2,” she teased on Twitter. Griffin also joked about Badgley falling in love with her too. “Professional? Can we just say that it’s not my fault that this gentleman very obviously fell in LOVE with me that day @PennBadgley.”

Griffin isn’t backing down

Griffin seemed terrified and beaten down after she was viciously attacked by the White House. But after months on the road, Griffin seems energized and unwilling to allow herself to be bullied.

During an interview with NPR, she asserts that society often tells comedians to stick to telling silly jokes and stay away from politics. “In my opinion, it is within my lane. So when people first came out – stay in your lane, tell your jokes – I’m like, hold on. Learn your comedy history. There are many, many comedians, you know, that at some point will do something that is half-statement, half-joke,” she said.

Griffin also knew if she was going to make a comeback, she had to do it alone. “I’m going to have to do this one myself. Like, nobody’s got a shovel for me and is going to help me dig my way out of it. I’m keeping the faith. I’m being positive,” she added. But then shared, “I’m a little bitter, but hopefully funny first.”